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What Will Happen to the American Dream?

Posted by Larry Doyle on October 12th, 2009 2:41 PM |

The pursuit of a better life and greater opportunities have driven successive generations since the founding of our nation. Will that dream live on? Will future generations have a chance to live a better life than the current generation or recent generations?

Is the mere talk of this pursuit of the American dream mere poppycock? Do we think we can regain our economic stature and, once again, experience true economic prosperity merely because we want to have it happen?

Many feel that success is a function of a few basic principles combined with a little bit of luck. Is it truly luck, as some may maintain? No, I think not. I have always thought of luck as nothing more than where ‘preparation meets opportunity.’

In writing on this topic, I am not so hardened to think that families can easily or fluidly pursue opportunities which would entail picking up roots and moving. That said, demographic shifts will certainly be an ongoing theme as our economy and our country adapt to the new dynamics within the ‘Uncle Sam’ economy.

While we could debate at length the merits, or lack thereof, of bank bailouts and government support across a wide array of businesses and industries, I believe a great and unmentioned cost of a number of government programs is the masking of significant structural problems embedded in both the financial and moral balance sheets of individuals, families, corporations, and the government itself. (more…)

It’s All About Relationships

Posted by Larry Doyle on March 8th, 2009 7:22 AM |

I had a conversation last week with a recent college graduate working in the finance industry. He was recently laid off. Understandably, he was somewhat miffed and unsettled. I was happy to talk to him. My first statement to him was that he has approximately another 40 work years in front of him. Given the length of time and the dramatic changes ongoing in our economic landscape, I offered that this was actually an interesting time to be in the job market because change creates opportunity. His initial deadpan response was not unexpected and actually hoped for. I did not want to be merely a shoulder for him to lean on and commiserate. I advised him that his next job would not necessarily find him, he must find it. In that spirit, I enthusiastically apprised him to actively engage people in dialogue and conversations.

I told him to not even look for interviews but first and foremost to gather information. Utilizing a variety of networks (friends, family, college alums, neighbors, cold calls), I strongly impressed upon him that he needed to remain engaged. (more…)

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