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May the Road Rise Up to Meet You

Posted by Larry Doyle on April 3rd, 2010 7:26 AM |

I have told countless people that my real goal with Sense on Cents is for anybody and everybody who comes to this site to feel more informed or more educated on financial, economic, or market-related issues when they leave.

This weekend is a time for family and friends. I hope you have the opportunity to spend time with your immediate or extended loved ones appreciating the most priceless of all assets: quality relationships.

If you have some downtime and want to navigate Sense on Cents, there are lots of different ‘trails’ here including Newsworthy articles, Financial Primers (right sidebar), Economic All-Stars (left sidebar), Career Planning materials, past shows of No Quarter Radio’s Sense on Cents with Larry Doyle, or utilize the ever expanding library of past commentaries by referencing your desired topic in the search window in the upper right.

If you care to mention to your family and friends, “You know, I have come across this pretty cool site called Sense on Cents,” I’d be most grateful.

No Quarter Radio’s Sense on Cents with Larry Doyle will return next Sunday evening.

If you are traveling, please be safe.

Thanks for your continued support. I will leave you today with perhaps the most cherished of Irish blessings:

May the road rise up to meet you.

May the wind be always at your back.

May the sun shine warm upon your face;
the rains fall soft upon your fields and until we meet again,

May God hold you in the palm of His hand.


Mentoring Is Good Business

Posted by Larry Doyle on October 29th, 2009 12:33 PM |

I am humbled when other outlets ask for my opinion and thoughts on financial topics. To that end, I have provided a few guest commentaries for UK-based  eFinancial Careers.

On the heels of writing “Fatal Character Flaws Bring Down Wall Street Titans”, a representative of eFinancial Careers asked me to further expound on this topic. I welcomed the opportunity and wrote this guest commentary:

How is it that an individual with untold hundreds of millions of dollars in wealth could put himself in a position of risking it all?

Welcome to the world of Raj Rajaratnam, the owner of the hedge fund Galleon and the major kingpin arrested in the most recent insider trading scandal to rock Wall Street.

Why would Rajaratnam take such professional risks? (more…)

Navigating Sense on Cents

Posted by Larry Doyle on April 11th, 2009 7:29 AM |

As many people travel this weekend to be with friends and family, I would like to take an opportunity to navigate the highways and byways of links and material connected to Sense on Cents.

I hope this post will open more eyes and ears to wider avenues of information as we collectively try to make sense of the economy, markets, and world of global finance.

If I could beg your indulgence, if any of these links do not interest you but you feel they may help others, please pass them along. I thank you in advance.

With no further adieu, let’s travel around Sense on Cents . . .

Career Planning: I have always taken pleasure in providing career guidance. I provide a wealth of  Must Read articles from a variety of sources along with a Workshop for developing a game plan.

Market Data:  this page connects to real time market data from the Wall Street Journal. Every sector of the market is a mere point and click away. Stocks, bonds, currencies, commodities, economic data, international markets, historical graphs, and more…

Newsworthy: some stories have made headlines, while others are off the beaten path.  These stories come from your local papers and from posts around the world. I welcome sharing them with you.

No Quarter Radio: “Sense on Cents with Larry Doyle”  is my weekly Sunday evening radio program. I share insights and perspectives on the markets and economy while also hosting outstanding professionals from all corners of finance as my guests. All shows are archived and available as podcasts on iTunes. I also provide an audio player right here on Sense on Cents immediately after the completion of each show so that you can listen to a playback of the show right from this site.

The Reading Room is filled with a variety of books (pleasure, finance, inspirational, educational) that I have enjoyed and found impactful.

For those working their way up the learning curve (aren’t we all?), I have
Primers on the following topics:

Investing: anything you could ever possibly want defined or simplified.
Mortgage Market and Mortgage Finance
Financial Aid
Debt Management

I also closely track a number of professional money managers, economists, and analysts. This collection of pro’s pros are my Economic All-Stars and include:

Laszlo Birinyi: outstanding equity manager and Wall Street veteran

Nouriel Roubini: highly acclaimed NYU economist

Jeff Gundlach: the highly acclaimed Chief Investment Officer of Trust Company of the West

Bob Rodriguez: along with his First Pacific Advisors colleague Tom Atteberry, named Morningstar’s 2008 Fixed Income Managers of the Year

Bill Gross: the highly acclaimed bond manager at Pacific Investment  Management Company

Greg Mankiw: widely respected Harvard Professor of Economics

John Mauldin: a true favorite of mine, this market analyst is amazingly well connected

Sheila Bair: the chair of the FDIC and, in my opinion, the preeminent regulator in the U.S. government today.

Carmen Reinhart: Professor of Economics at the University of Maryland

Thought Leaders: 22 of the finest economic minds in the world today  connected to Project Syndicate, an international association of 415 newspapers in 150 countries !!

If you are reading this post, I hope this trip has opened new avenues of interest for you. As the moderator, I actively engage readers, so please do not hesitate to ask questions and leave comments, or – as some may say –  sign the Guest Book!! Please share the site with friends, family, and colleagues.

Ultimately, I hope you enjoy coming to Sense on Cents as much as I do!

Have a blessed holiday ~


It’s All About Relationships

Posted by Larry Doyle on March 8th, 2009 7:22 AM |

I had a conversation last week with a recent college graduate working in the finance industry. He was recently laid off. Understandably, he was somewhat miffed and unsettled. I was happy to talk to him. My first statement to him was that he has approximately another 40 work years in front of him. Given the length of time and the dramatic changes ongoing in our economic landscape, I offered that this was actually an interesting time to be in the job market because change creates opportunity. His initial deadpan response was not unexpected and actually hoped for. I did not want to be merely a shoulder for him to lean on and commiserate. I advised him that his next job would not necessarily find him, he must find it. In that spirit, I enthusiastically apprised him to actively engage people in dialogue and conversations.

I told him to not even look for interviews but first and foremost to gather information. Utilizing a variety of networks (friends, family, college alums, neighbors, cold calls), I strongly impressed upon him that he needed to remain engaged. (more…)

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