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How Wall Street Bought Washington

Posted by Larry Doyle on March 9th, 2009 3:35 PM |

A great American and loyal reader (thanks FL) shared a report recently produced by not-for-profits Essential Information and The Consumer Education Foundation.  This report, Sold Out: How Wall Street and Washington Betrayed America, has gotten little to no attention in the general media. What a shame.  I find of particular interest the fact that a number of the currently discussed regulatory changes are directly addressing the points highlighted in this report. I personally view these proposed regulatory changes as substantiating this report and adding credibility to its effort. For the naysayers in the audience, I would ask you to review the report and reconsider your assessment.

I was struck a month ago by the incriminating statements put forth by Senator Chuck Hagel and CIA head Leon Panetta, which I highlighted on February 16th in Legalized Bribery. Those statements bluntly indict our massive system of lobbying, political fundraising, and the quality of those running for elected office! In light of that article, I am more and more convinced that our elected officials have turned their offices into massive for profit machines at the expense of our public well being.

I commend the authors of this report, Roger Weissman and James Donahue, for taking the time and making the extensive effort to expose the truth. The full report, 231 pages in length, spares no detail. In studying it, I found the information and analysis riveting. Let me try to summarize it for you. (more…)

Looking Back and Looking Forward

Posted by Larry Doyle on February 24th, 2009 2:41 PM |

John Mauldin, one of our Economic All-Stars (see sidebar on left), provides personal insights and perspectives that are truly cutting edge. Additionally, John has relationships that provide real clarity. 

John Mauldin recently published commentary from Paul McCulley of Pimco and former Fed chairman Paul Volker. I had the good fortune of working with Mr. McCulley in the late ’90s at Union Bank of Switzerland. He is a true gem. Mr. Volker, like him or not, is regarded as one of the world’s leading central bankers. Their comments are both comprehensive and understandable as we look to navigate the economic landscape!

Mr. McCulley looks backward and reviews the following:

  — the basics of our banking system
  — a review of the “unregulated” shadow banking system
  — the deleveraging process
  — questions on the implementation of the government backstops, including the Term Asset-Backed Lending Facility to restart the consumer lending markets, and the public-private partnership. (more…)

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