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IMF Hedging on Global Recovery

Posted by Larry Doyle on July 9th, 2010 7:08 AM |

Do we truly need to focus on developments within the emerging economies of Asia or sub-Sahara Africa? I mean, you are probably thinking that we have enough on our plates right here at home to spend anytime thinking about economic developments half a world away. Why do we need to care, and why do we need to be aware of global economic developments? For the very simple reason that in a global economy overwhelmed by massive debts and limited pools of private and sovereign credit, what happens over there very clearly impacts us right here at home.

On this note, let’s review an International Monetary Fund report released yesterday. The IMF writes, World Recovery Continues, But Risks Increase:

…despite the stronger than expected first half recovery, the IMF warned that uncertainties surrounding sovereign and financial sector risks in parts of the euro area could spread more widely, posing difficulties for both financial stability and the economic outlook. (more…)

The Time Bomb of Global Government Debt and Deficits Is Ticking Louder

Posted by Larry Doyle on June 23rd, 2010 12:35 PM |

Living beyond one’s means is a path to long term pain. That path is not in front of us, but rather is upon our nation and many others around the world.

The cost of funding the global government debt and deficits will continue to serve as a drag on our economic future. While financial wizards may believe the debts can be postponed, the simple fact is in the midst of a sluggish economy, global governments will not generate sufficient tax revenues to fund spending programs and the deficits. What does this mean? Lessened spending, increased taxes, and assorted other measures of fiscal austerity.

The Financial Times provides a fabulous review on this topic today in writing, Public Finances: Daunted by Deficits: >>> (more…)

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