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The Time Bomb of Global Government Debt and Deficits Is Ticking Louder

Posted by Larry Doyle on June 23rd, 2010 12:35 PM |

Living beyond one’s means is a path to long term pain. That path is not in front of us, but rather is upon our nation and many others around the world.

The cost of funding the global government debt and deficits will continue to serve as a drag on our economic future. While financial wizards may believe the debts can be postponed, the simple fact is in the midst of a sluggish economy, global governments will not generate sufficient tax revenues to fund spending programs and the deficits. What does this mean? Lessened spending, increased taxes, and assorted other measures of fiscal austerity.

The Financial Times provides a fabulous review on this topic today in writing, Public Finances: Daunted by Deficits:¬†>>> (more…)

“The Greatest Generation”

Posted by Larry Doyle on November 14th, 2008 7:45 AM |

I commend HRC for providing some real leadership at this point in time. There is no doubt that our country is screaming for real leadership. From Washington to Wall St. to Main St. our citizens are looking for people and programs that will look forward and take the vital and necessary steps to change our national mindset. Do you get the sense that perhaps some supporters of BO are getting a little nervous and now realize that he is a very high risk President-elect?

HRC’s stimulus proposal addresses a number of fronts (expanding unemployment insurance, addressing Medicaid, funding infrastructure projects and clean energy, modify mortgages) which will need focus from Congress to create a demonstrative impact on our economy. Some of the programs will clearly be impactful while others may have unintended negative consequences. We will have to take some prudent but necessary risks to achieve positive results.

The TARP bailout/rescue plan proposed to date has not inspired confidence nor generated any real impact for three reasons:

1. the banks have such sizable embedded losses that the funds already injected are being and will be used to recapitalize the balance sheets …

2. investors have little to no appetite to purchase loans currently on the banks’ books which were not properly underwritten and will likely continue to suffer an ever increasing level of delinquencies and defaults …

3. little to no demand for funds due to the fact that most individuals and institutions are looking to decrease their debt service not increase it …

As a result our economy spirals downward. HRC’s plan addresses some of our most serious needs. I commend her. (more…)

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