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What/Who Is Holding Back Small Business? Washington DC, That’s Who

Posted by Larry Doyle on August 9th, 2013 8:17 AM |

Put aside everything else that streams across the daily news wire, there is no doubt that the prevailing issue that causes the most concern for people in our nation is how they are putting bread on the table.

Yes, we can dispense with all the noise that spews forth from far too many sources, the issue that is most prominent to our economic well being remains JOBS, JOBS, JOBS. So where are the jobs and why aren’t they being created to any meaningfully degree a full five years after the outset of our economic crisis?¬† (more…)

Steve Walker Addresses Washington’s SOBs

Posted by Larry Doyle on January 19th, 2010 5:46 PM |

With the surge of Scott Brown in the MA Senate race, the Democrats are licking their wounds. The Republicans will likely parade in splendor. The fact is both political crowds are increasingly out of touch with America. Washington is much more the problem than the solution.

The Wall Street Journal provides insights on this burgeoning development in writing, Republican Rise. This title is actually a bit of a misnomer. While the Republicans may be benefiting from recent developments, the fact is America in general and independent voters specifically have cast a pox on both political houses. Who gets this? Steve Walker. Who is Steve Walker? Let’s revisit the WSJ article: (more…)

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