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60 Minutes: Washington’s Legalized Bribery

Posted by Larry Doyle on October 22, 2013 9:33 AM |

The release this morning of September’s employment report  indicates that our economy continues to limp along like a wounded dog.

But while many in our nation seriously wonder how they will make ends meet, there is one group in our nation that has developed a business plan for which most companies would be vilified — if not prosecuted — but which for them their cup overflows.

Just who are these visionaries that have developed a secret sauce that fills their coffers with booty and elevates the individuals to almost untouchable status? Who are they? Our politicians in Washington who are engaged in what can only be defined as legalized bribery.

For those who missed the expose on what looks and feels very much like a scandalous scheme of payola, let’s navigate and watch a 13-minute 60 Minutes must-view segment. (You will likely want to take a shower after watching this.)

Let’s dispense with the niceties and platitudes. Our nation is crumbling under this corrosive and corruptible racketeering behavior. Our nation needs serious campaign finance reform and term limits like never before.

Navigate accordingly.

Larry Doyle

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  • Tim Favero

    I watched this Sunday night. I am still wondering why we allow politicians to exploit these loopholes and it seems that they have no shame in doing so, as long as it is “legal.” We are all fools if we continue to vote the same people into office every time. Campaign Finance Reform and Term Limits would be nice, but I don’t think either will ever happen, at least not in my lifetime.

  • Mark J. Novitsky

    HOW ABOUT THIS? Unless congressman / politician’s / public servant’s agree to a CONSTITUTIONAL CONVENTION PLEDGE in writing and an ELECTORAL REFORM Pledge…we dump congress all-together and start over.

  • Peter Watts

    Larry as you probably know there was in the UK, two or so years ago, a disclosure by a leading national newspaper that Members of both Houses of Parliament had been claiming expenses which were not properly payable. One claimed for pornographic videos which her husband watched ( and she was a member of the government) and another claimed for a house for ducks which lived in a duck pond in the member’s garden. As a result members of both Houses were forced to repay expenses and some went to prison. Why can they get away with what appears to be fraud in your country? Is the USA completely devoid of ethics when it comes to the elected politicians?

  • GMA

    Sorry, Larry…I watched this on Sunday night and just cannot bear to follow the suggestion to watch it again. I have been gradually losing confidence in our entire political system over the past thirty years and the referenced 60 Minutes program just about put the final nail in the coffin. At times, I imagine a HUGE march on Washington. The problem is, I see half of the marchers as hard working Americans who believed in and WORKED to achieve the many benefits of being fortunate enough to live in this country AND want the same opportunities to be available to others. The other half will be the people who have “bought” Congress and the multitudes of citizens who have, in turn, been bought by ever bigger government “programs”.

  • Jerry

    I don’t believe I could watch the video. I, like you, think these guys almost have a mob mentality; set to get worse.
    One might worry some might be ready to charge the barricades.

    If I had had a child in the Newtown slaughter I might actually take out a few of these people that receive large sums from the NRA. And their criminality exists in many other quarters. The only good news I’ve heard out of Washington recently is JPMorgan’s settlement and there’s probably a scam within that.

    Keep on keeping on!!!

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