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Forget Daniel Mudd. Let’s Cross Examine Franklin Raines, Tim Howard, and James Johnson

Posted by Larry Doyle on April 9th, 2010 4:19 PM |

Former CEO of Fannie Mae Daniel Mudd took the stand today to get grilled by the Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission. Ooooohhh, ahhhhh….what did we learn from Mr. Mudd? Very little.¬†Although Mr. Mudd fed at the Fannie trough for a good number of years and was paid tens of millions of dollars during his tenure, the fact is he only took over the reins in what amounted to the bottom of the eighth inning.

If the Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission truly wanted to serve America’s interests, they would shine the bright lights on three former Fannie execs who cultivated a culture which, in my opinion and others, allowed for Fannie Mae to cook their books while effectively paying off their friends up on the Hill. Who are these execs? (more…)

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