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Casey Gough’s “Do’s and Don’ts of Networking” or “Don’t Let Your Classwork Get in The Way of Your Education”

Posted by Larry Doyle on February 10th, 2012 11:09 AM |

I strongly believe the key to successfully navigating our economic landscape is education.

Given that I am passionate about mentoring, I try to impress upon all those whom I mentor the need to constantly expand their base of knowledge. I encourage them to read and learn from a wide array of resources including this blog and and also to utilize my Sense on Cents Career Planning link.

I also strongly encourage those whom I mentor that they “don’t let their classwork get in the way of their education.” How so? Developing street smarts, personal relationships, and business instincts are critical to long term success. How do we make this happen? Networking! (more…)

Finding a Job and Growing a Career

Posted by Larry Doyle on July 28th, 2009 2:28 PM |

Is business more a function of what you know or who you know? While some people may believe one factor is more important than the other, prudent risk management dictates you put as many ‘arrows’ as possible in both ‘quivers.’

We are obviously living through extremely challenging times. The greatest challenge facing many people revolves around the question of employment. I do not pretend to have a magic formula on finding a great job and developing a long and successful career. That said, I have had enough experience helping people on and off Wall Street to provide insights on this all important topic.

In my opinion, the key to finding a job and then growing a career centers on two factors: discipline and relationships. One needs the discipline to continually move further up the learning curve. Knowledge is power. That said, all the knowledge in the world will be minimized without the ability to engage and develop relationships.

Business of all stripes is ultimately all about relationships. The ability to initiate and grow relationships is of paramount importance in any field. In the process of developing relationships, one should network extensively so that one relationship grows into multiple relationships.

This is all well and good but many people will ask, ‘where do I start?’ I would respond by collecting data and material via informational interviews before you even start to think about pursuing a job. (more…)

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