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Gartman: Investment Capital Will Leave US Market

Posted by Larry Doyle on October 18, 2013 8:36 AM |

After the dysfunctional debacle displayed in Washington over the last few weeks — and potentially repeated in early 2014 — what is that strong symbolic wind now blowing offshore?

Oh, that is the sound of investment capital leaving our nation.

Not that those in Washington have a real appreciation for it but private investment capital is the lifeblood which fuels our economy.

While those in Washington are now sufficiently addicted to our central banking shell game, aka quantitative easing, why would they be concerned about protecting and promoting the formation of private investment capital? Great question. 

The Washington elites may display little appreciation for the importance of private investment capital, but the rest of us should be very concerned because that capital represents the fuel needed to meaningfully drive our struggling economic engine. Highly respected investment manager Dennis Gartman spoke on CNBC this morning and takes us  on a quick 3-minute sense on cents navigation of this all important part of our economic landscape:

A lessened flow of fuel with little meaningful octane means a slower economy, little wage growth, and an increasing fiscal deficit. A nice legacy the folks in Washington are leaving future generations.

Navigate accordingly.

Larry Doyle

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  • elaine

    Put the entitlements on the table? Guess Mr. “I’m to the right of Attila the Hun” is referencing S.S. & Medicare. This guy will never lobby to audit the Fed to show all the entitlements going to the E.U. banks or talk seriously about why the U.S. taxpayer is on the hook for trillions & trillions of derivative trades made by his banker buddies…those types of expenditures are called “paying our bills”. BTW please note the derivative debts aren’t part of the 17 or 18Trillion we’re in hole for, they’re off book & us peons aren’t sophisticated enough to be allowed to get a look see.

  • elaine

    Wait…I’ll raise you another entitlement to put on the table:
    the guaranteed 6% dividends all the share holders of the FED
    receive, lets put all that moola up against the S.S. & Medicare of the wasteful elderly, let’s put ALL the entitlement cards on the table. It makes for a much more interesting game. But then I doubt Mr. Scissor Hands likes games of transparency while he’s busy lobbying to finesse raising the debt ceiling.

    And isn’t “investment capitol” kind of an archaic term when on so many days the markets are moved by high volume/high frequency traders…those fortunes don’t usually stay invested for more than a few hours or maybe days. You can get dizzy watching the tapes at closing.

  • Benji

    Dysfunctional government and our stock market. Shaking my head… And now we have everyone cheering since the government got a deal. Money printing forever.. I think Gartman is right.

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