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Why Paul Ryan Will Deliver a Romney Victory

Posted by Larry Doyle on August 11, 2012 2:01 PM |

Why am I so excited about the choice of Paul Ryan as Vice-President on the Republican ticket in the 2012 campaign and why do I think Romney’s selection of Ryan will deliver victory in November?

Please view a serious and measured address given by Ryan this past April. Ryan hits upon the most critical issues of the day including: 

leadership, economic growth, generating confidence, eliminating crony capitalism, promoting free enterprise vs government social welfare mandates, enacting real tax reform, and embracing competitiveness in a global economy.

The clip runs a mere 14 minutes. The impact of Ryan’s comments if embraced will go a long way to saving our nation.

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Larry Doyle

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I have no affiliation or business interest with any entity referenced in this commentary. The opinions expressed are my own. I am a proponent of real transparency within our markets so that investor confidence and investor protection can be achieved.

  • LD

    Ryan lays out in comprehensive fashion how the American people overwhelmingly do not want Obamacare…

    Ryan tells President Obama and the Democrats in this 3-minute clip, “You’re Not Listening to the American People”

  • Jack
  • Donald

    No! Just another Ayn Rand quack like Greenspan who blew up the housing bubble ($8T) thus destroying the economy. How could you have forgotten? People always leave out salient facts that don’t fit into where they “want’ the future to go. I don’t remember him saying Tarp was bad.

    • LD

      I know of NO politician who has done or said anything that I would fully embrace but I do see and hear more from Ryan that is consistent with the principles promoted at SoC than any other pol.

      Please check out the Debt Clock in the left hand sidebar here at Sense on Cents. Ryan is the one of the very few pols who has had the heart to truly address this ENORMOUS issue.

  • Dave

    The Ryan selection puts Wisconsin in play and will help in Iowa as well.

    Big money day for the Romney campaign as well.

  • Jay

    Larry –

    I think you are dead on regarding Ryan

    Most Americans, when given accurate facts, actually agree on the most important economic issues

    Liberal or conservative

    Gutsy move by Romney

  • Small BD

    Romney could slow the ‘debt clock’ by closing his Swiss bank accounts. Showing some transparency would be a more ‘gutsy’ move than selecting a VP who will address George W’s contribution to our national debt via Iraq / Halliburton.

    Don’t get me wrong. I despise Obama and regret having voted for him. ObamaCare is not only a disgrace, but a severe danger to the economy due to its blinding ignorance of even the most basic principles of insurance and realities of healthcare delivery. But at least it is a product of capatilism (i.e. private industry vs. government takeover / single-payer). Contrast this to the Socialist policies of George W. (i.e. government ownership of private industry vis-a-vis AIG).

    Neither party will solve any problems, nor restore American “exceptionalism.” I wouldn’t start waving the flag over this Ryan kid, who would presume to be potentially the most influential VP in history.

    • LD

      I will repeat here what I wrote to in response to TF,

      I share MUCH of your anxiety BUT are we to stick our heads in the sand and not participate in the process.

      If you have been reading my blog as I believe you have, I think you understand that I fight to promote truth and transparency.

      We must continue to fight for these virtues. Our kids deserve it.

      Thanks for continuing the conversation. Don’t give up and please do not take my endorsement of Paul Ryan as an endorsement of the Republican establishment.

      • Small BD

        Pardon my abruptness. I get a bit worked up when democrats or republicans spout over-simplified cliches that have no basis in reality. It is difficult to look at the truth. Objectivity is what compelled me to dissasociate from the democratic party. Admittedly, all that I know about Ryan at this point is that he appears to use the same amount of hair jell as Romney.

        • LD

          I do not mind your abruptness at all. I myself get plenty abrupt at times out of frustration.

          If there is one politician in Washington who brings specifics to the table and forces the discussion, it is Paul Ryan. Hence my excitement.

  • Sara

    Obviously a 2% right wing nuts column… who is running the congress with its 11% approval.. go and look yourself in the mirror !!!

    • LD

      Good morning Sara,

      Welcome to Sense on Cents. First time visitor or have you been lurking around here for a while? How about if we do this?

      I will go back right now and look in the mirror. While I will check the mirror regularly, how about if you take the time to read any of the thousands of commentaries archived here. Which topics most interest you? Let me know and I will retrieve my work on those subjects.

      Just got back from the bathroom. Lookin’ good…

      I seriously welcome the opportunity to further reengage you.

      2% right wing nuts? I am a registered Independent and love our country and am willing to work hard to see that truth is promoted.

      Welcome to Sense on Cents.

  • Peter S.

    Romney’s choice could have been worse – at least he didn’t pick Rep. Eric Cantor.

    • LD


      By the way, I looked and saw zero reference to any stock trading by Ryan.

      Even Obama gave Ryan his due in stating,

      Asked in the fall of 2010 which Republicans he could envision working with in the next Congress, Mr. Obama mentioned only one who would still be around, Mr. Ryan.

      He said Mr. Ryan was “absolutely sincere about wanting to reduce the deficit,” though he quarreled with his approach. “I give him credit for at least being willing to put out there some tough choices,” Mr. Obama said,

      • Peter S.

        It was there when I posted LD. You of all people should know I don’t make stuff up. I can’t or I would be dead in the water – which I am not. I would imagine it will surface again.

        Some of my concerns with the Congressman, putting aside his trading portfolio, has been his love for big banks.

        The Congressman supported the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act – ultimately the Act was fuse that set off the explosion of fraud that Wall Street sold to mom and pop as equity. That explosion resulted in the need for his vote for TARP.

        How’d that work out?

        I do admire his earlier life goal to be a ski bum; I lasted at that occupation considerably longer than he did though.

  • Rudy

    Hitting home bruda!

    If there is any doubt as to who we should vote for, this video does a great job of defining THE issue as to why we need the change.

    Great job in identifying this.

  • coe

    After thinking about the selection of Ryan by Romney for a few days, why am I drawn to recall the words of Gene Hackman to Will Smith in the movie, “Enemy of the State” – “..Either you are very smart or incredibly stupid”

    Ryan will likely touch the third rail of spending cuts and tax policy in a way that will polarize the electorate – and in some ways take the spotlight off of Romney himself.

    So why pick him? Some of the pundits are already citing this move as a sign of weakness – a desperate move by a campaign that is falling behind to the power of the incumbent and a stock market that seems to be recovering against all odds. Others believe it will clearly divide the ideologues along party lines.

    Truth is, only in the rarest of circumstances does the selection of a VP rise to the level of real impact on the political scene – and let’s hope we do not ever have to turn to the VP to rise to the role in the event of an assassination or another impeachment.

    I happen to think it is a brilliant stroke – for both the symbolism as well as the positions espoused. It’s exactly what Romney needs to do to show his “leadership” – ie – surround himself with clear thinking teammates who actually have a clue and want to do something bold.

    And that is the rub – we are a nation of diversity, a patchwork quilt of ideas, faiths, needs, troubles and triumphs. How exactly can one expect to coalesce widely divergent opinions and politics? It cannot be done.

    But what can be done is to find a way to support those with “sounder” vision and the strength to lead – regardless of the ambiguities involved. It is a convenient disservice to constantly compare this new breed of politicians to those of the past – the world has changed, the game has changed, and the best we can do is to make an informed decision on the merits of the candidates running the race. We have seen much of Obama and his program of Hope – has it bettered the American way of life? Is it working at all?

    I like the prospects of a team Romney/Ryan to make things more than a bit better for all of us. Paul Ryan – act of desperation, maybe just a bit, but, maybe not very stupid, but incredibly smart move? Time will tell.

  • ed pefferman

    Larry, Larry your a good man…but your totally wrong on this one. Ryans just another right wing idealog that got his ideas out of some comic book called Ayn Rand
    Did you read David Stockman piece in the New York Times today. I suggest you read it, and return to reality. Not this wishful thinking.


    • LD


      A few comments. Aside from Ryan, I have seen VERY few pols from other side of the aisle even willing to put their neck out there with some substantive ideas.

      I agree with Stockman in regard to defense spending.

      In regard to the Fed’s activities, I have not heard Ryan comment but have heard Romney decry the Fed’s approach to monetize our debt.

      Ryan is THE ONLY pol I have heard call out the crony capitalism that is so prevalent in our nation. Do not think for a second that the current administration has done anything but provide kid glove treatment to the Wall Street banking cartel.

      Entitlements? Once again Ryan strikes me as the only one with a set of balls to put the topic out there for debate.

      I am sticking with him if for no other reason than he has some balls and displays some leadership. I see little to none of either of those qualities from almost anybody else on both sides.

  • fred

    Definition of a liberal-someone who knows what’s best for you and isn’t shy about letting you know.

    Definition of a conservative-someone who wants to be left alone until they need something then they harass you until they get it.

    Def of a moderate-someone tired of hearing both liberals and conservatives argue about everything and wants nothing more than to tell them both to shut the #%$& up!

    Question for a liberal – Why do your solutions always end up costing me more money?

    Question for a conservative – How does trickle down work in a global economy?

  • ed pefferman

    Your a closet Liberal ……reduce military spending!
    There’s hope for you yet.
    Just remember the last pol that had to prove he had
    “balls”….he got us into Iraq.
    Sometimes there’s more to leadership than having “balls”.


    • LD


      Hahaha…you are funny and that is a good thing.

      I think of myself as a conservative with a heart and a brain.
      What does that really make me? In my opinion, an American.

      You make a very good point. Balls without brains is always a dangerous proposition.

      Thanks for mixing it up.

  • fred

    Did I miss something?

    Romney is the one running for President. Has Romney endorsed any of the Ryan budget?

    While everyone is debating and beating each other up over the Ryan budget, all Romney has to do now is take some time to develop a more moderate position on all substantive issues and appeal to the majority.

  • peewee

    Ryan is but a continuation of the fraud

    who cuts taxes during a time of always-extravagant war-spending ?
    , and if they do , what is the real purpose ?( other than an an intentional , eventual debt crisis)

    the debt bomb was planted over 30 years ago with Reagan’s unfunded spending on pet defense projects,
    (simultaneous with tax cuts)
    after 30 years , not one penny of the principle of this debt has been paid back …

    fuel the bomb with two wars in Iraq and the unfinished one in Afghanistan , all ‘underfunded’ ( and to be paid , somehow ? , with interest , sometime ? , in the future … and these also were fought simultaneous to broad tax cuts

    yet somehow , now the story is spun , entitlement’s are the problem … and many fall for it , hook , line and sinker

    the debt-bomb is an intentional gambit to roll back the social contracts made during the great depression and the promise of a better future for all , after the shared sacrifice of WWII

    Americans deserve better

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