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Paul Ryan (R-WI) Addresses ‘Fiscal Train Wreck’

Posted by Larry Doyle on January 7, 2011 9:15 AM |

Upon further review and with a little prompting from some regular readers, I am correcting an oversight and am pleased to now induct Congressman Paul Ryan (R-WI) into the Sense on Cents Hall of Fame. He clearly deserves it.

Why induct Ryan now? Well, listen for yourself as Mr. Ryan provides a healthy dose of Midwestern values along with a man-sized portion of ‘sense on cents.’

Larry Doyle

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  • colonial

    Deserving of a very prominent spot in the Hall of Fame….hopefully he, the rest of the republicans & the tea party members now walk the walk.

  • coe

    LD – Very well stated by Congressman Ryan…having served as a Budget Officer of a large Public school education System for several years, I can absolutely assure you there is a ridiculous amount of fat embedded in the education system (just to pick yet another place to start)- “sacred cow” entitlements and the concept that one must evaluate budgets as percentage increases over the prior year…I am not suggesting that a reversion to the experimentation with zero based budgeting is the automatic answer, but I am quite confident that each component of the Federal budget can be pared back with great gusto without jeopardizing what is vitally important to this country and our fiscal future. And let’s have a serious policy debate about the efficacy and necessity of ballooning health care costs, the defense expenditures, the social services drain, the pet earmarks, the absurd studies, the special interest subsidies – trillions of dollars – are you kidding me?!!!
    Cut expenses and cut taxes – and start today – it has to be addressed.

    Sadly, though, I feel that much like the root cause and the overwhelming complexities of the ongoing global financial crisis, on some levels this “budget process” has become so complex and politicized, that it overwhelms the casual observer and becomes virtually unassailable and stupifying….just for grins, rent a copy of the movie “Dave”, and watch the scene where an ordinary Joe, thrust into an acting role of President by the conceit of Hollywood entertainment, finds easy ways to slash money from the budget – it just doesn’t have to be that difficult!

    Something has to give, LD, for we are clearly on the wrong path!

  • Adamchik

    This is partisan hyperbole and disinformation.

    Try “The Republican Deficit” for a more factual-based look:

    Makes me think of Stephen Colbert’s comment, that “reality has a liberal bias.”

    How are the Republicans doing so far? How about “GOP Exempting $1 Trillion From Deficit”

    Come on – you guys should be beyond putting any faith in either of these “parties.”

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