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Sense on Cents Loves Paul Ryan as Vice-President

Posted by Larry Doyle on August 11, 2012 9:06 AM |

We are LONG overdue to have adult conversations in our nation about the issues that are leading us into social depravity and economic depression.

With the choice of Sense on Cents Hall of Famer Paul Ryan as the Vice-Presidential choice on the Republican ticket, today is a great day for America and those who care about its future. Why so?

Just yesterday I revised the layout here at Sense on Cents to highlight the massive deficits that are a choke hold on our children and the future quality of life in America. Look to your left at those numbers soaring ever higher. Those numbers are bills being left to all our kids. 

All I see from the current administration is a desire to compel Fed chair Ben Bernanke to monetize those debts, steal from our children, and score political points. That approach along with massive deficit spending with little real benefit is nothing more than standard Washington Ponzi-style financing. Although far too many in America are more than welcome to accept short term benefits of the Ponzi-style handouts, those schemes are NO WAY to run a country.

With meaningful deficit reduction and entitlement reform, America can and will recapture the energy and inspiration to move boldly into the future. Paul Ryan is THE leader in America on these critically important issues. America needs to get serious about the economic issues facing our nation. Paul Ryan is the serious individual America needs at this serious time.

Paul Ryan is to Joe Biden as Serious is to Joke.

This is a very good morning in America.

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Larry Doyle

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