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Sense on Cents Loves Paul Ryan as Vice-President

Posted by Larry Doyle on August 11, 2012 9:06 AM |

We are LONG overdue to have adult conversations in our nation about the issues that are leading us into social depravity and economic depression.

With the choice of Sense on Cents Hall of Famer Paul Ryan as the Vice-Presidential choice on the Republican ticket, today is a great day for America and those who care about its future. Why so?

Just yesterday I revised the layout here at Sense on Cents to highlight the massive deficits that are a choke hold on our children and the future quality of life in America. Look to your left at those numbers soaring ever higher. Those numbers are bills being left to all our kids. 

All I see from the current administration is a desire to compel Fed chair Ben Bernanke to monetize those debts, steal from our children, and score political points. That approach along with massive deficit spending with little real benefit is nothing more than standard Washington Ponzi-style financing. Although far too many in America are more than welcome to accept short term benefits of the Ponzi-style handouts, those schemes are NO WAY to run a country.

With meaningful deficit reduction and entitlement reform, America can and will recapture the energy and inspiration to move boldly into the future. Paul Ryan is THE leader in America on these critically important issues. America needs to get serious about the economic issues facing our nation. Paul Ryan is the serious individual America needs at this serious time.

Paul Ryan is to Joe Biden as Serious is to Joke.

This is a very good morning in America.

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Larry Doyle

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I have no affiliation or business interest with any entity referenced in this commentary. The opinions expressed are my own. I am a proponent of real transparency within our markets so that investor confidence and investor protection can be achieved.

  • Tim

    Romney-Ryan for America in 2012.

    A GREAT choice.

  • fred


    When you look beyond the front runners, the Rebublican Party has a much better cast of young inspirational leadership, Paul Ryan obviously included.

    The challenge for Republicans going forward is to reach out to minorities of all shapes and sizes and develop a message of inclusion and hope, a message that defines more government in our lives as THE enemy not a friend.

    The right message that says to all Americans, “we hear your pain” but more people living in and around Washington is NOT the answer.

    • LD

      I totally concur. In my opinion, the critical issue is education. The Republicans should embrace urban families on this issue and they will win on it.

      Urban families BADLY want real choice and opportunity in their schools. The Dems and unions have used schools for their own advantage and have delivered little of substance to far too many.

      The next few months are going to be very interesting.

      • fred


        The failure of our public education system truly is an issue that reaches out to all young urban minorities while the restructuring of Medicare within Romnicare will get the attention of seniors.

        The issue near and dear to my heart is an overhaul of the tax system within the context of government spending and deficit reduction.

        I agree, it will be interesting!

  • Ed

    A WINNING Ticket

  • Joe

    Paul Ryan

    Walks the walk

    A great choice who connects with younger generations, women, and blue collar workers. Yes, I agree, a great day for America.

    • Cheesehead

      Another reason why America should love Paul Ryan?

      “Ryan, 42, still lives in his home town of Janesville, Wis., with his wife, Janna, and their three children, and he sleeps in his congressional office on weeknights.”

      Sacrifice and humility are not foreign concepts to our next V-P.

  • Jim, a non-partisan entity recently highlighted that

    Obama Misrepresents Ryan’s Plan on Medicare

    Would seem that once again Obama has no problem letting the facts get in the way of his lies and political games.

  • Peter S.

    “On September 18, 2008, Ryan attended a closed meeting with congressional leaders, then-Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson and Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke on the ongoing banking crisis. That same day Ryan sold shares in various troubled banks and invested in Goldman Sachs.[2

    As Congressman Ryan learned of our nation’s imminent economic disaster, his first instinct was to take care of his family financial future. Career politicians say and do the anything to garner support – it’s what they do when “no one is watching” that measures the man. How Ryan escape your Hall of Shame?

    As ordinary citizens, you and I LD would be doing time. I would take you as a cellmate over Ryan any day!

    • LD


      You know where my heart and head are BUT Wikipedia is hardly a reliable source of information.

      America needs Paul Ryan and Mitt Romney now more than ever.

      Please view the embedded video in my the commentary I just posted.

  • TF

    WOW.. another round of trickle down. What is wrong with trickle up? Who can disagree that the trillion dollar tax break in the early part of the last decade wouldn’t have been better spent rebuilding our infrastructure. I would be a capitalist, if it actually existed. We have become a fascist state, and no doubt the republican ticket can lead us further down that path. Sorry Larry, but you lost a reader today.

    • LD

      Paul Ryan embraces the principles of Sense on Cents more than any other pol in our nation today.

      As you depart, please take a hard look at the Debt Clock in the left hand sidebar and know that Paul Ryan is one of the VERY FEW pols willing to address that ENORMOUS issue.

  • Minguito

    Larry do you know the meaning of “common sense”? It is obvious
    you don’t

    • LD


      Welcome to Sense on Cents. Not sure if you have been a longtime reader but unless you are using a different pseudonym I am guessing this is your first time commenting.

      Rather than merely dismissing your dismissive comment, I welcome engaging you. What topics specifically would you like to address in regard to my common ‘sense on cents’?

      Or if you would prefer to read my commentaries, you can either use the cloud on the left hand sidebar or the search window in the upper right and put in whatever topic you would like to investigate regarding my common ‘sense on cents’.

      I will be the first to admit that there is plenty left for me to learn. Given my archives there is also plenty of material in which I have put my stamp.

      Thanks for the prompt. Ball is in your court. Let’s go.

  • TF

    Clinton solved that Enormous issue, and the republicans pissed down our backs and told us its raining. When Jimmy Carter left office, the national debt was 400 billion. Then came Ronald McDonald. I am no fan of any party any longer. My years have told me that the bureaucracy of the United States in owned by corporate America. People complain about Illegals entering our country, yet all they are doing is fleeing the violence our drug appetite created and manufacture the guns used by the gangs. And that is just one example of the smoke and mirrors used by politicals to garner votes. They all lie and they are all corrupt. We talk about family values? are we kidding? A young man died the other day from our home town, because of the suicide bomber in Afghanistan. Who puts those tens of thousands of our sons and daughters in harms way? Do you really think the CEO’s of the Arms manufactures care how many die or are maimed? Slash taxes and cut spending? OMG, please not again.

    • LD

      I share MUCH of your anxiety BUT are we to stick our heads in the sand and not participate in the process.

      If you have been reading my blog as I believe you have, I think you understand that I fight to promote truth and transparency.

      We must continue to fight for these virtues. Our kids deserve it.

      Thanks for continuing the conversation. Don’t give up and please do not take my endorsement of Paul Ryan as an endorsement of the Republican establishment.

      Additionally, in regard to Clinton, he began to make progress on these issues after the Republicans took control of the House in 1994. To Clinton’s credit he moved to the center and embraced some centrist policies, including welfare reform. Additionally, make no mistake that Clinton benefited from the easy money provided by Greenspan which led to the market crash in ’98 and the subsequent recession as he was leaving office.

  • LD

    What does the WSJ have to say (I strongly recommend people read this linked commentary) about Romney’s choice of Ryan as VP?

    Mr. Romney is signaling that he realizes he needs a mandate if he is elected, which means putting his reform ideas before the American people for a clear endorsement. He is treating the public like grown-ups, in contrast to President Obama’s focus on divisive and personal character attacks.

    Regardless of what you might think about Romney, is there any doubt whatsoever about this analysis? What does that say about the true leadership qualities of the men who would be President?

  • Stu

    You are in for a rude awakening if you think Romney/Ryan ticket will do anything other than protect themselves and their class. They both stand for nothing. They both supported the bailouts.

  • LD

    They both stand for nothing.

    Is that right? Oh, ok. Thanks for sharing that.

    I hope you might stay a while, see what Sense on Cents stands for, and why I am so excited about Ryan’s choice as VP.

    What is it that you think the current administration stands for?

  • grover

    OK….so, Mr. Sense on Cents, who has dedicated his time as a crusader who points out the insufficiency of Washington to enforce regulations due to the incestuous, unfettered relationship between lawmakers and Wall Street, is in support of the candidates who have publically stated they want to strip down- and in some cases, abolish- numerous regulatory agencies, thereby further enabling Wall Street to do as it wishes unobstructed.

    If you’ll excuse me, I need to have a shower to cleanse the irony that drips from me after reading this.

    • LD


      You’re excused. I stand by EVERY word in EVERY commentary. Funny that you use the word “insufficiency”. Why so funny?

      Perhaps you were not a regular visitor to these parts when I penned, Future Financial Regulation: Not a Question of Sufficiency But of Transparency and Integrity.

      Thanks for teeing that one up for me.

      I am not giving the Republicans at large or Romney/Ryan a pass on these critically important topics but when it comes to the total “sense on cents” package, this fight is not even close.

      Anything else?

  • Andrew

    I am all for voting your own wallet. I am not for your voting my wallet.

    My take is that this election will either be an affirmation or rejection of liberalism.

    It could be just that simple.

    Thanks for promoting debate, LD.

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