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Health Care Reform or Merely Another Redistribution Program

Posted by Larry Doyle on November 9, 2009 8:49 AM |

Why is an ever increasing percentage of the American public getting angry?

In my opinion, more and more Americans are not only questioning but now realizing that they are largely disenfranchised. How so? Seemingly each and every program emanating from Washington is merely another form of income and wealth redistribution.

Make no mistake, the redistribution is running in both directions; that is, to the large monied interests on Wall Street and those who are increasingly dependent on Washington’s welfare and largesse. While funds are flowing in both directions, America’s great middle class feels more squeezed and screwed than at any point in their lifetime. We witness this reality again in Congress’ passage of its health-care reform legislation late on Saturday night.

While the health-care legislation will continue to be hotly debated, I view it as another government program imposing on the lives of those who have worked tirelessly to make this country great. Clearly, people are passionate on both sides of the health-care debate but ultimately this so called reform is merely another form of rationing and redistribution. Is that what America truly wants? I think not. Washington’s Democratic establishment will pass this bill at their political peril. They know it.

Arrogance comes in many forms, but ultimately I believe the height of arrogance is willful blindness. I see a lot of that in Washington these days.


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