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The Truth May Hurt…

Posted by Larry Doyle on March 10, 2009 11:19 AM |

I very much appreciate reading material written by people whom I perceive as having no agenda. I have tried to bring people like this (including Ray Dalio, Paul Keating, Bob Rodriguez, Steve Rehm, Kevin Doyle, Vaclav Klaus, and many others) to Sense on Cents because I firmly believe we all become more educated and informed in the process. Please let me know if and when you perceive me, any of the pieces to which I link, or radio guests on NQR’s Sense on Cents as not dealing totally in the truth. Constructive criticism is always appreciated and will make for a better site.

Along with the aformentioned, I have also previously remarked on my high regard for John Mauldin, one of our Economic All-Stars. John himself possesses an insightful global perspective and has a circle of friends and confidantes that are simply off the charts.

In John’s weekly Outside the Box, he shares with us the perceptions of Michael E. Lewitt. Mr. Lewitt writes at length on topics we have covered here previously, but his level of detail and thoughtful analysis are well worth the read.

Topics covered include:
1. economic policies proposed by Obama administration are not promoting long term growth.

2. market outlook . . . sell rallies as earnings and prices are projected lower by 10-25%.

3. R (ecession) vs D (epression) . . . whatever you want to call it, our economy is going to have low growth at best when growth does return . . . time, time, time . . .

4. changing dynamics in the world of investing mandate that people get further up the learning curve . . . . Come to Sense on Cents!!!

5. bank nationalization, in perception or actuality, is a drag on the economy as a whole and specifically for well managed banking institutions

6. holds particular scorn for the “bank robbery” that occurred at Merrill Lynch during the bonus payouts in late 2008.

7. GM is bankrupt in all but name, so now it is time to deal with the truth and go through the bankruptcy process..

8. Obama’s budget utilizes wildly optimistic economic projections and is set up to fail. Government waste MUST be eliminated.

9. the coming meltdown in eastern Europe “will have major negative consequences for world financial markets.”

As I read Lewitt’s piece, Reality Bites, I kept nodding my head and whispering to myself, ‘that’s right,” “yep, I agree,” and “why doesn’t the media cover this?”

This piece may take two sittings to read, but as you look to navigate your own economic landscape it is a must read. Please share it with friends and colleagues as well. Please also share your thoughts, comments, criticisms here at Sense on Cents!!


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