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Sold Out

Posted by Larry Doyle on March 4, 2009 1:12 PM |

Our loyal reader Fiscal Liberal shared a report from Wall Street Watch called Sold Out that I want to make sure is properly highlighted. In this report, I was taken by the quote on page 2 of the executive summary:

the financial sector showered campaign contributions on politicians from both parties, invested heavily in a legion of lobbyists, paid academics and think tanks to justify their preferred policy positions and cultivated a pliant media–especially a cheerleading business media complex.

That statement is a strong indictment of our entire system of government, commerce, academia, and media. It is not a stretch to formulate a tidy little conspiracy. The most important question, though, is who is looking out for the general public?

Thank you Fiscal Liberal for sharing the report. I strongly recommend this piece to everyone.


  • fiscalliberal

    Larry – I finally got to browse the whole report. I found the recipients of the financil industry are listed at the end. Kind of looks like Barack and Hillary got large sums along with the Republicans.

    The report has very good narratives on what happened also in the first 100 pages of the report. Remaining 100 pages lists the donors and recipients.

    One could make the statement that Barack and Hillary were bought and paid for.

    I am now printing the whole report to enable reading it in comprehensive fashion

  • Larry Doyle

    I will do the same and publish the results when I am completed.

    GREAT FIND!! You, sir, are a great American!!

    While Barack and Hillary may have received significant largesse I am sure there were many Republicans as well.

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