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Uncle Sam Wants Names of VA Whistleblowers; POGO Protects Identities

Posted by Larry Doyle on June 16th, 2014 9:05 AM |

You do not need to read my blog to know the Veterans Administration has some serious issues that have impacted the health and well being of countless veterans. These issues are not new developments.

Very simply, the failures within the VA are due to a government that is badly mismanaged and often engaged in practices that are fraudulent, if not totally corrupt.

The VA has not only failed countless numbers of veterans but, in adding insult to injury, it has punished those internally who have tried to do the right thing. How so?

Whistleblowers who have brought attention to the fraud and corruption within the VA have not been embraced but rather ignored, intimidated, and often fired. As we well know, mismanagement, fraud, and corruption much prefer the cover of darkness than the light of transparency. (more…)

Sense on Cents Index of Cronyism and Corruption

Posted by Larry Doyle on June 13th, 2014 9:22 AM |

Those engaged in cronyism and corruption much prefer to operate under a cover of darkness. When transgressions due occur, those caught in the web of such practices typically like to pay a fine and quickly move on.

Given the preponderance of these practices in our current economy, I think it is a good idea that, rather than addressing cases on an individual basis, we compile an index of those involved. In doing so, we can then reflect back on them and gain a fuller appreciation for how widespread and destructive this cronyism and corruption is within our nation.

With no further adieu, I kick off the Sense on Cents Index of Cronyism and Corruption:

VA Scandal: Uncle Sam Wants Names of VA Whistleblowers; POGO Protects Identities: (June 16, 2014)

The IRS Scandal: “That’s a Lie; (June 14, 2014)

Today’s FT highlights (June 12, 2014):  “Goldman Sachs and Bain Capital paid $121m to settle a lawsuit alleging they conspired with other private equity firms to fix the price of some of the biggest ever leveraged buyouts.  (more…)

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