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Economic/Market Highlights . . . 12/17: “The Golden Rule”

Posted by Larry Doyle on December 18th, 2008 7:00 AM |

For time immemorial, nations and economies have operated by the Golden Rule. Well, in this economy and this market, that Rule is strong and seemingly getting stronger. While the U.S. dollar sank to a 13yr low vs the Japanese Yen and declined another 2+% vs the Euro, gold moved higher by another 2+% and is now at a 9 week high and up 9% for the year.

In speaking with an investment advisor today, he told me that he has moved almost 20% of his fund into gold in anticipation of continued declines in the value of the dollar.

While gold is increasing in value, we are not seeing other commodities follow its lead. In fact, oil (down 7% on the day) intraday went below $40 per barrel, while copper dropped to a near 4yr low. Through the grapevine, a close friend shared with me today that Goldman is long oil in SIZE from a very large transaction with Mexico. Both commodity moves indicate to me that the market believes the economy will bump along the bottom for the foreseeable future.

What is going to get us to turn the corner on the economy? The Fed has done all it can monetarily, and will clearly utilize “quantitative easing” in buying longer maturity mortgage, consumer, and corporate assets. There is another $350 billion in TARP funds, some of which will likely be directed towards helping homeowners on the brink of foreclosure.

Beyond that, all eyes in Washington and across the country are looking toward a MASSIVE economic stimulus. Obama has already indicated the outlines of his plans with the largest component being infrastructure.

Will this be the “magic bullet” that we all hope? It would be foolhardy to think that $300 billion, if not $500 billion, and perhaps $1 trillion, would not give a serious jolt to our economy. That said, will a package of the size and type being discussed by Obama revolutionize the art of stimulus packages and lead us to a viable and sustainable economic recovery? I think not. Why? (more…)

Economic/Market Highlights 11/22-11/29/08: “Whack a Mole”

Posted by Larry Doyle on November 30th, 2008 3:15 PM |

The domestic equity markets rebounded by 15% over the last week which is the single strongest week since the 1930s. With that rebound the markets still ended down app 5% for the month. Despite the enormous rebound, albeit on moderate volume and in a shortened week, the overall sentiment and fundamentals to the market remain decidedly negative.

The Dow has been in a range of 9600-7500 over the last 6 months so the rebound off the lows of 11/20 bring the market back slightly above the midpoint of this short-term range. I would counsel those who trade the market to trade it against those levels with an overall negative bias.

The rebound started with the announcement of Geithner as Treasury Secretary but then received another 1.1trillion reasons to move higher in the form of the rescue package thrown to Citigroup (300bln) and 800bln in the form of more rescue money for Freddie/Fannie, more purchases of debt issues by Freddie/Fannie and Federal Home Loan Banks, and funding for a facility to facilitate increased liquidity for consumer finance markets.

With those announcements, the equity markets continued to rally as did the U.S. government bond market, and the U.S. mortgage market (each of those debt markets rallied by app 40 to 50 basis points). The corporate credit markets, the high yield markets, and the municipal markets did not rally, however. Those markets remain largely frozen for entities looking to issue debt.


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