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Romney Video Nails “THE” Urban Education Question

Posted by Larry Doyle on September 18th, 2012 10:52 AM |

America has a problem dealing with the truth. You do not think so? Then why is it that NOBODY  — and I mean NOBODY — in our mainstream media deals substantively with the following:

1. urban graduation rates
2. family structures in general and the rate of single parent births specifically
3. the fallout from both 1 and 2

If anybody seemingly comes close to these third rails, then the likes of Chris Matthews and others seem to rally to the defense and pull out the race card. Well, I will not even dignify Matthews, a fellow Holy Cross alum, or his like. I truly care about each and every citizen in our nation. I believe our nation can and will progress IF and ONLY IF we embrace the cold hard truth.  (more…)

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