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The Fascinating Case of Louis and Donna Pitch v. Mark “Hollywood” Hotton and Oppenheimer and Co.

Posted by Larry Doyle on April 25th, 2014 7:27 AM |

In a case that strikes at the core of so much that is wrong on Wall Street and the financial regulatory system (SEC and FINRA), Susan Antilla once again distinguishes herself by bringing real light to a regulatory arbitration system that much prefers to operate in darkness.

The following case might appear to be fodder for an episode of CSI but is all too real for a Long Island couple who were little more than prey for an unscrupulous broker who went largely unchecked both by his employer and the regulator charged with protecting the public from the likes of this scum.

Let’s navigate as Antilla writes Case Closed in Securities Dispute, Until New Evidence Is Uncovered:

A Long Island couple who lost $5 million at the hands of Mark C. Hotton, the former stockbroker notorious for defrauding Broadway producers, is arguing that his employer,¬†Oppenheimer & Company, withheld critical evidence during an arbitration hearing and should be held liable. (more…)

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