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Preparation for My Talk at the Library of Congress

Posted by Larry Doyle on June 4th, 2014 11:30 AM |

In preparation for my talk tomorrow at the Library of Congress, I thought I would gather some quotes from my book to share with those in attendance regarding shortcomings and failures within our financial regulatory system.

Some in the audience may think these quotes are evidence of meaningful corruption.

I would concur.

pg 105, Attorney Richard Greenfield

“We were able to get discovery, that is document presentation from the NASD (FINRA), very early on. Many of these documents were produced under a confidentiality order; in other words, the NASD wouldn’t produce them unless they could be kept confidential, i.e not in the public record. These documents showed unequivocally that the NASD defendants lied to the members of the NASD. Blatantly, unequivocally, you can’t put any coloration on it, you can’t say they were negligent. They intentionally lied. The lies are repeated over and over in a proxy statement. They are repeated in road shows taken all around the country.” (more…)

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