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Watch Today 2-3pm: Cliff Asness on Crony Capitalism

Posted by Larry Doyle on May 9th, 2013 7:31 AM |

In May 2010, financier Cliff Asness said in The Wall Street Journal that the Dodd-Frank Act was “perfectly designed to create the largest and most powerful crony system in history. It’s not that the people, regulator or regulated, are personally corrupt. It’s that the system will itself select for, reward and enforce corruption.”

I would not agree with a blanket assessment that all the regulators and regulated are not personally corrupt but I give Cliff Asness credit for going where few in the industry are willing to navigate.

I will be watching Asness this afternoon from 2-3pm EST talk at the American Enterprise Institute about the impact of Dodd Frank — er, that is, aka Fraud Dank here at Sense on Cents — and the state of competition in America’s financial markets. (more…)

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