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Is Barack Becoming a Lameduck?

Posted by Larry Doyle on September 10th, 2010 8:40 AM |

To know my Dad is to love him.

He wears his heart on his sleeve and is not hesitant to let you know exactly where he stands on the issues of the day. That said, what are his passions? His family above all else. His faith. He has no problem critiquing our Roman Catholic hierarchy while practicing his faith and allegiance to the principles of Christ. Irish history. To hear him talk about the brutal treatment of the Irish at the hands of the English is a lesson worth learning. Red Sox baseball. I will admit my Dad is a fatalist when it comes to our Olde Towne Team but I got my wish that the Sox win a World Series before my Dad passed. The fact that they won twice, 2004 and 2007, is pure gravy. His golf game. Listening to him critique his short game is priceless. Another great passion is politics.

My Dad and his family grew up out of the Depression and political power was everything to the Boston Irish. Gaining control of City Hall provided access to jobs and a path to a better life. While I have my own passions, I do not share my Dad’s passion for politics. Why? As with almost everything in life, politics is about the people. While clearly our political process and political systems are critically important to our current and future well-being, I have little regard for the political crowds in general. Why do I raise this topic? We need look no farther than the state of our nation as we enter the fall 2010 election cycle. Are our national interests truly being served? Let’s navigate further.  (more…)

July 4, 2010: Remembrances and Celebrations

Posted by Larry Doyle on July 4th, 2010 9:02 AM |

Let’s take a day off from thinking about our steep slope and challenging terrain as we navigate the economic landscape. Today is a day of remembrances and celebration.

I remember the love and dedication my father-in-law had for our great nation. He would cherish this day as he would attend his local 4th of July parade to salute the nation he loved. Never one to complain about what our nation should do or could do, my father-in-law saw the beauty and opportunity provided by our great land and he embraced it. He appreciated the values and fiber that made our land the beacon amidst the storm. He resonated with real pride, and his deeply sincere and friendly demeanor were infectious. I love him and miss him. I hope those who read this can feel his pride and will share it. He truly represented the best of America.

I also remember my own Dad today. I will be visiting him in the hospital today as he deals with and recovers from recent surgery. His love of family, his determination, his integrity, and his ethic are the rocks and mortar on which every member of my family has forged our own lives. He speaks with such pride of his family and the stories of his descendants coming to this nation. His awe of his great grandfather Mike Doyle who came to this land as a teen from Ireland back in the mid-1800s is a motivating force for me and all my siblings. His signature farewell is “Keep punchin’.” He embodies real American spirit and virtues.

Behind great men, such as my father-in-law and my Dad, stand even better women. My mother-in-law and my Mom are the glue. As is my own beloved. I love these women.

What is the common thread here? Love. We love each other. We love our families. We love helping people. We love our nation. That to me is what the 4th of July is all about.

I hope you are able to share this day with your loved ones remembering and celebrating that which brings us together and makes us a proud and great land.


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