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Bill Black: Regulators’ Latest Betrayal of Homeowners

Posted by Larry Doyle on May 1st, 2014 10:22 AM |

I sing the praises of former banking regulator Bill Black in my book, In Bed with Wall Street, for many reasons.

Black stands up, speaks out, and tells it like it is while all too many in our nation’s capital and regulatory offices prostrate themselves in service and homage to powerful financial elites. Major props to Black for bringing attention today to another in a long line of betrayals of American homeowners.

The WSJ and other periodicals recently made passing reference to an egregious travesty within the bank settlements of foreclosure abuse. Props to Barry Ritholtz at The Big Picture for providing the forum for Black to expose real fraud in the system and the accompanying degradation of the rule of law in the process. Let’s navigate as Black provides the transparency that is truly the great disinfectant to a system that smells: (more…)

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