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Keating Undresses Geithner

Posted by Larry Doyle on March 9th, 2009 12:37 PM |

One of the few countries in the world to escape the worst of this economic tsunami is Australia. I introduced you to former Australian Prime Minister and Treasurer Paul Keating on February 18th in my piece entitled A Fresh and Honest Perspective. Keating was brutally honest in the video clip (thank you SR for providing it!!) included in that article .

I love an honest man!!

Former Australian Prime Minister and Treasurer Paul Keating

Former Australian Prime Minister and Treasurer Paul Keating

Well, Mr. Keating has spoken again and I am listening to him very closely as I strongly believe I am more educated and informed as a result. Our domestic officials and media outlets should take heed.

In an article published in this past Saturday’s Sydney Morning Herald, Obama’s Economic Saviour Savaged as Keating Let’s Rip.  Keating offers a piercing review of then Treasury Officer Geithner’s structuring of an IMF led rescue plan of the Southeast Asian crisis in 1997-98. For those unaware, many countries in SE Asia had massive infusions of foreign capital in the form of debt to facilitate infrastructure development. Geithner and then IMF Chief Michael Camdessus structured a plan that injected $200 billion dollars in the form of IMF loans to refloat the economy. Keating maintains that Geithner and Camdessus totally misdiagnosed the problem and in turn the solution.   (more…)

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