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Bill Moyers on the American Oligarchy

Posted by Larry Doyle on April 24, 2014 11:15 AM |

Prior to correcting a problem, one needs to identify and expose it. That said, bringing about real change is challenging when the interests of those charged with protecting and promoting the public interest are outweighed by their personal pursuits and willingness to trade their position for payoffs.

Make no mistake, this reality is ultimately a failure of leadership on so many levels. Bill Moyers offers a few minutes of cutting commentary on the growing presence of an American oligarchy.

The quid pro quo system of governance practiced by our elected officials and regulatory executives allows for a host of corruptible practices including a tax structure that does not advance our national interests, economic and otherwise.

Regrettably, though, this is the reality in which we currently live. The corruption, legal and illegal, are a burden on all of us but especially future generations.

What can we do about it?

Challenge your elected officials whenever possible to acknowledge the corruption within the system and what they will personally do about it.

Larry Doyle

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  • Professor Peter Bagnuolo

    Lets realize that This President could have stopped this mess, but he and his Attorney General are among the most corrupt people on the planet. All that needs be done is Cap CEO salaries and benefits at 25 times that of their employees(not counting their executives) with the same benefits and bonuses for all. Right now any CEO’s making more than that is stealing from shareholders and employees.

    With the minimum wage in Sweden being $19.00 an hour, which includes birth to death no delectable Health care, and free college as their average CEO of the top 50
    corporations make $1.8 Million a year

    Compare that to this: here in the once “Good Old” US the CEO’s of the top 50 companies ROBS shareholders and employees with average salaries at $25 million
    a year.

    How are such robber baron salaries gained? Simple, and under the RICO ACT are a crime of Conspiracy, but
    which are never indicted. Here is how they do it and so, some say, are the Community Colleges using the same
    criminal tactic.

    Here is often the HOW that even CEO’s whose stock shares have dropped by 300 % get
    enormous raises.

    They simply plant several friends, and/or relatives or current executives of their XYZ Corporation to serve on the Board of Directors of the ABC Corporation, who then plant several friends, and or relatives or current executives of their corporation to serve on the Board of Directors of the XYZ corporation and they have a happy ending while shareholders Get Screwed, of both companies as the CEO’s and other executives get richer regardless of corporate losses.

    Thus I Think that $20.00 per hour is the right minimum wage but tied to a maximum wage of CEO’s and other Executives
    salaries including bonuses should never exceed 25 times the average employee
    salaries including bonuses, and share the exact same other benefits.

  • fairmead

    Larry-The comments by Professor Peter Bagnuolo are interesting. However let us face it every American President since the second world war has operated a political intervention system based upon military power. Do any right thinking American really believe that the anti-government protests in Kiev were not funded by American money. Just try googling “The US invasion of Panama” and read all the excuses which the USA put forward for their intervention. Compare these with the excuses which Putin is using to justify his involvement in the Ukraine. The USA wanted to assist/foment dissent in the Ukraine which would result, ultimately, in the Ukraine becoming a member of the EEC. The consequences of that would be NATO having access to the ports in Crimea. There was no way that the Russian were going to allow that to happen. It really is very sad that neither the media in the USA nor in the UK is willing to acknowledge that what is happening in Ukraine is a result of a policy designed to create a Russian reaction.

    Not necessarily a post on the Sense & Cents theme but very few political manoeuvres are undertaken by governments without an eye on the economic consequences.

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