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Federal Reserve Minutes Reveal “Ignorance”

Posted by Larry Doyle on February 24, 2014 6:36 AM |

I know of few descriptive terms more harsh than classifying an individual or organization as being ignorant.

Yet that is exactly how The New York Times labels the most powerful institution in the world, that being the Federal Reserve, after reviewing the recently released minutes from the Fed’s meetings back in 2008.

The hundreds of pages of transcripts, based on recordings made at the time, reveal the ignorance of Fed officials about economic conditions during the climactic months of the financial crisis.

Serving as a Fed official is not a part time role akin to committing one’s time for a local civic organization. In fact, perhaps not fully appreciated by many in our nation, the Federal Reserve not only serves as our nation’s monetary authority but also as a primary regulator for our banking system.

Given the Fed’s prominent position in our nation and the global economy, the following questions regarding the Fed’s “ignorance” are screaming to be addressed:

1. Was the Fed’s ignorance due to a lack of basic intellect and understanding of the degree of leverage that had built up in the system after the net capital rules on Wall Street had been relaxed?

2. Was the Fed then and still now so closely aligned to the major banks in our nation so as to lack the proper perspective and oversight of these institutions?

3. Was the Fed hoodwinked, manipulated, or possibly outright lied to by the banks it is charged with overseeing?

4. What about the Fed’s interaction with other banking regulators, including the OCC and SEC primarily? Was there a failure to communicate between these regulatory bodies?

5. In summation, is the Federal Reserve simply another regulatory body captured by Wall Street?

These questions need answers. Who is charged in getting them? Congress. Will they or have they? Never.

We all pay an enormous price as a result.

I strongly maintain that a full five years after the crisis that crippled our global economy, the lack of transparency on the topics referenced within these questions remains one of our nation’s greatest problems.  The crux of the problem centers on the fact that the same ‘ignorant’ folks who failed to perform and protect our nation pre-crisis have been in place since then.

Little wonder why such little trust and confidence continues to permeate our nation.

Navigate accordingly.

Larry Doyle

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  • Steve

    Why the Federal Reserve Needs an Overhaul

    This 100-year-old antique is undemocratic, too close to elite banking interests and often blind to the economic conditions that affect most Americans.

    William Greider February 12, 2014 | This article appeared in the March 3, 2014 edition of The Nation.

  • tikibam

    I’m not trained in economics, but common sense reveals a concerted lack of enforcement in financial crimes. When the ability to create artificial stock market crashes via high frequency trading becomes a tool of blackmail against pending regulation to stop the fraud, the message is clear: Investment Banks control and dictate the rules which have looted the wealth of this nation. They have bribed the legal enforcement body into a farcical display of legalese like ‘deferred immunity’ and ridiculous fines then continue to loot the nation’s wealth.
    Only with secret indictments and spontaneous seizures of accounts, accompanied by summary arrests and executions of the top officers in these corrupt enterprises, will we ever get a handle on this disaster.

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