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C-Span2 BookTV Presentation: In Bed with Wall Street, 1-19-14 @ 7pm

Posted by Larry Doyle on January 19, 2014 10:15 AM |

Pinch me.

I am more than a little bit pleased that C-SPAN2 Book TV chose to tape a recent talk and Q/A I had in Washington DC in which I discussed my book, In Bed with Wall Street.

For those watching the NFL playoffs, please set your DVRs at 7pm on C-SPAN2 for this 40 minute broadcast.  I provide some personal background, my motivations for writing the book, some of the paths I went down that are detailed in the book, and take some questions from the audience. I want to thank my publicists — and especially Sarah Hausman — at Meryl Moss Media for making this event happen.

For those who cannot watch or tape it this evening, it will be available for online viewing on the BookTV web site once the show has aired.

Larry Doyle

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  • Peter Sivere


    Looking very presidential. I loved the background you gave about growing up – “the cheaters.” Continued success with the book.

    Thank You,

  • Freedomist

    I haven’t read your book, but I did see your C-SPAN talk. Seems your observations confirm the “public choice” theory of political economy popularized by Nobel economist James Buchanan of George Mason University. I’m sure your book will offer insights on how to reform regulations to manage the often incestuous relationships between regulators, law makers and the private financial sector.

  • laserDliquidator

    Thanks for helping to get the word out on WS skullduggery; and congrats on this recent pick up on the book publicity.

  • laserDliquidator

    By the way – did you see Professor Turley’s blog on our girl Crystal Cox getting a 9th Cir victory that Blogger’s are entitled to Freedom of the Press protections?

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