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Dear President Obama: Do You Care?

Posted by Larry Doyle on October 8, 2013 8:38 AM |

I am quite pleased when my blog can serve as a vehicle to spread the voice of others. I commend those who are willing to stand up and speak out when it is all too easy to sit down.

But standing up and speaking out are often borne out of frustration with a government, a regulatory system, or a financial industry that pays little heed to those who get up early each and every day to try to make ends meet.

The other day I inquired, How is Obamacare ‘Treating’ You So Far? Many readers had lots to say in response to that question, but nobody spoke out as forcefully as an individual couple who penned the following letter that ran in a local paper this morning.

The president of the United States of America is either a liar, incompetent or both.

He has been stating for a year that if you like your current health insurance and your current doctors you may keep them.

So it came as a surprise to my wife and I that we just received a letter from our insurer telling us that our current policy cannot be renewed when the contract is over Jan. 1.

I currently pay $21,456 per year for that policy and we have co-pays and deductibles that add up to an additional $15,000 per year. That means we pay $701 per week for health insurance. My wife and I both became ill five years ago and we have since that time spent up to and more than that amount in the last five years. (Before you think I am in the famed 1 percent of earners, think again; lots of retirement money being spent). Although I would not say I am happy with my policy, we are happy with our doctors and did not want to change.

And now the adventure begins. We went online for five days (you know the site doesn’t work) to find out what we could get that would match our current policies. So far we will be spending more and I will have to change the doctor who finally cured my illness because I won’t make my wife change her oncologist, in whom she has tremendous faith and this is the best we can do.

I will admit here and probably lose a lot of respect from friends of mine, but I voted for President Obama. I thought the idea of not having a career politician might be good for America. Sorry, America, I was wrong. Mr. President, could you maybe give up a round of golf or two and read the law that you call your landmark legislation. (This law will at best create anarchy, at worst bankrupt us). You still have a chance to make your presidency historic for more than the color of your skin. We do need health insurance for all Americans. It is insane that it is just happening now. But you must see the problems, admit the problems and fix the problems.

Without going into too much detail I can say to you both I am not the type of person who goes to the government for help. Never did in the past, when in my youth our family qualified for every program the government had for families and we took none of it.

But now, Mr. President and U.S. Rep. Jim Himes, (a customer of ours) I need your help because of what you and your law has done to my wife and me.

Could you please call ConnectiCare for my wife and me and tell them they have made a mistake. Because if they have not made a mistake you are both liars, incompetent and uncaring.

Mr. Himes, if you can’t get ConnectiCare to change their mind, will you hire either my wife or me so that we can get the health care you and your staff have.

I currently work from 4:30 in the morning until approximately 7:30 in the evening Monday through Friday (how do you think I can pay $700 a week for just one of my expenses). Saturdays I work just six hours. I only require about four hours of sleep so see what you can do to get a job for me with your staff during those other hours. I don’t even want you to pay me. Just give me access to the health care all you guys have. As a matter of fact, I will work for you for free and pay my own health care. We are small business owners so there is no job to small or too large that we can’t do.

I will keep this newspaper updated on the status of my insurance.

Don’t write a response, Mr. Himes, you know where I am. Visit your constituent; lunch is on me. Bring a camera crew, make a political statement, but please do something — we need your help.

Joseph R. Claps Sr.

Jenna Maries Catering & Deli

Stamford, Connecticut

Will our local Congressman Jim Himes respond to their overture? I will keep you apprised.

I repeat my question, “How is Obamacare ‘treating’ you so far?”

Larry Doyle

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  • Peter Scannell

    What greatly disturbs me regarding the opposition to the Affordable Care Act signed into law in 2010 is the amount of congressional effort that has gone into sabotaging the reform as opposed to fixing its flaws.

    Since 2010, 42 legislative efforts in the House and Senate (crafted knowing they didn’t have snowballs chance in hell of passing) had a singular purpose – to derail the Act.

    How is it that the congressional leaders who oppose the law have not attempted to improve the act, or create a marvelous reform of their own?

    There are millions of us in the country who cannot afford $700 a week in healthcare cost – and if you could, and needed to change insurers with a dreaded pre-existing condition – well, you’d be out of luck.

    My affordable RomneyCare plan works satisfactorily. Maybe the opposition should engage Mitt’s “can do” attitude to help improve the Act, as opposed to killing the momentum of the country’s economy moving forward – or maybe that’s the real “self-healthcare” plan for Cruz and company.

    Hells bells!

  • Mark J. Novitsky

    They say we have a Constitution-based “Democratic Republic”. What we have is a Fascist Plutocracy. As long as the “left” and “right” fight…THEY win. QUICK…LOOK OVER HERE!!! – The reality is we have Democan’s & Republicrat’s both covertly working for the same side. Does anyone actually think “The president of the United States of America is either a liar, incompetent, or both” is “party” / brand exclusive? Isn’t that what we get every cycle despite of what color jersey they are wearing? They both work and represent the same owners. You see the vast majority act like / assume that if the other guy is BAD your guy must be GOOD. B.S.! – In general / overall…if you don’t hold your own “side” just as accountable…if not MORE…than who is the incompetent, liar, or both?

  • Mark J. Novitsky

    AND ALSO…As they are prone to do… Politician’s fail to address the CORE ISSUE…the actual DISEASE, instead of a symptom. (putting a band-aid on a sucking chest wound) The U.S. has CANCER and politicians want us to get our cholesterol checked. The PROBLEM is this. In the U.S. a typical Heart Bypass operation costs $150,000.000. In the U.K. it costs $14,500. THAT IS THE PROBLEM!!!

    • Peter Scannell

      Spot on Mr. Novitsky.

    • Dustylee Gorczyca

      We need tort reform so doctors aren’t prescribing 15 diagnostic tests when one will do so as to reduce liability. That’s why the $15 procedures costs 10 times more.

  • GCH

    Loved it – thanks.

  • Chuck

    I’m extremely disappointed in Congressman Himes.

    I had a radio station ask him about the apparent self-dealing of Congress putting back their premium subsidies.

    He starts out saying he’s glad he can address the misperceptions. Then sneaks in at end that they have premium support like private businesses – which translates into yes we put subsidies for them and staff back into law.

    But we can’t blame Himes alone, all of Congress has kept this sleight of hand basically under the table.

  • Jim

    Yup, the un-informed voters, 51% of the population, now they’re really fu*ked…and us too. The anti-colonialist and fellow socialist’s rule now. They’re taking this country down and fast.

    W/o QE we’d be in depression or street revolution or both, I believe we’ll be there soon as global $$ respect is quickly waning especially w/O-care and debt ceiling mis management.

    A nations currency must have soundness.

    Sorry,remember, it’s exactly what they want, financial devastation. You do recall BO mentioning that he was surprised the market wasn’t down more, just last week, right?

    Have you EVER heard a POTUS say that shit?

  • LD

    For those living in Maryland and signing up for Obamacare:

    No Doctors Are Found

  • Peter Scannell

    We have touched the surface of Mars – but can’t provide affordable health care for all?

    Fix it.

  • Mark J. Novitsky

    Karen Hudes latest international interview. – AND BTW… IN REALITY the “Debt Limit” was actually BREACHED last MAY!!! And the USG is stealing / “borrowing” money from USG pension funds to cover. What would get any legitimate business thrown in jail…if we actually prosecuted major White Collar Crimes.

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