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Why Was Australian Chris Lane Really Murdered?

Posted by Larry Doyle on August 22, 2013 9:22 AM |

I beg your indulgence today as I navigate off our traditional economic landscape to weigh in on the senseless, cold-blooded murder in Oklahoma of Chris Lane, an Australian student-athlete attending East Central University.

This situation bothers me and assuredly countless others on so many levels. While initial reports from many outlets would have us believe that this murder stemmed from bored teens looking for some form of sadistic fun and pleasure, are we so naive as to accept that on face value without looking deeper?

To do just that, let’s watch a brief 100-second clip of an interview of a local Duncan, Oklahoma citizen with a reporter from The Sydney Morning Herald and learn what he believes are the real factors behind this murder. 

Please pay particular attention to the comments made at the 80 second mark.

I want to express my sincere condolences to the Lane family and all those directly and indirectly related to them.

To the American public and especially those in public office, when will we have the national discussion regarding the breakdown of the two parent family? I do not know the family situations of the three young men involved in this horrific situation, but I would think we may care to embrace the message provided by James Johnson, the man interviewed in this clip.

Unless and until the United States wants to connect the dots between the breakdown of the family and the escalating rise in a wide array of social problems (obesity, substance abuse, teen pregnancy, perpetuation of poverty, assault and violent crimes, incarceration, emotional and behavioral problems), we resign ourselves to being a second tier society.

And that reality comes with immeasurable costs that we all pay each and every day.

When will our major media outlets host the forums and lay out the statistics that speak these truths in stark fashion?

I hope and pray that Chris Lane’s family finds peace.

As for America, we are long overdue to WAKE UP from the politically correct — and induced — coma and see that the moral decay reflected in the aforementioned issues and connected to the breakdown of the family is causing our nation to rot from within.

Have at it.

Larry Doyle

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  • James

    The truth may hurt but if not accepted on its face for what it is then it would not be the truth now would it.

    We have more of the latter — that is, spin, spin, spin — and unfortunately not enough of the former, the simple truth.

  • GMA

    Thank you for your comments and for “stepping up” to call attention to this heartbreaking atrocity. I worked in inner city Chicago with young folks who lived in gang controlled areas and with older, former gang members as well.
    Taking a life was, indeed,among their initiation rites.

    The absence of a sense of belonging to a family led by adults who are capable of providing loving care, clear values and guidance are issues that deserve far more attention.

  • GRN

    Out of wedlock parenting and single parent families.

    The break down of communal institutions like churches..etc.

  • Peter Watts

    Your point is well made, but how do you suggest the problem would be resolved, even if it were to be recognised. It seems to me that the problem is, to great extent, self-perpetuating. These young men you identify have no qualms about impregnating young women thus creating the next generation of males without a father figure to guide them and females who will breed yet another generation.
    Without wishing to appear too reactionary it does seem to me that the value “on the street” of human life has decreased in my lifetime. I have, from time to time, wondered whether films which glorify killing and video games, many of which require mass slaughter in order to win, might have something to do with this.

    • LD

      The first step is for the nation to start talking about this situation aggressively in open forums and make sure the statistics are exposed.

      In doing so, promote the message that both the causes and effects are socially unacceptable.

      In doing this, hopefully society will create strong messages delivered to those within the industries that feed off the sub-culture that their products (films, music videos …all of which glorify and promote the sub-culture) are not cool.

      Fight fire with fire….but seems to me that now all we have done is cede ground to the politically correct crowd and this sub culture is feasting on it.

      This could all change if those in positions of power and influence chose to take on the industries profiting from the sub-culture.

  • Virginia

    You are so correct. Now, personally I am not a fan of abortion – but by taking away the avenue to abort an unwanted pregnancy and by paying out welfare for every new baby that comes along, we stimulate this lopsided family structure.

    I also see a big difference in the way children are handled and how in Hawaii it is a culture for grandparents to adopt children in situations where the birth mother and fathers cannot care for them. This is not the same in American homes where the rich are ashamed of unwed mothers and adoption or private abortions (even by Republicans) are sanctioned by the elite.

    The less fortunate are left to survive on welfare and the more children you have the more money you have for drugs… There is no ohana to care for the children and generations repeat the same steps under oppression.

    With all this said, take away abortion, take away birth control, feed the penis Viagra and you’ll surely end up with gangs and children running emanating violent movies and video games on the streets… Because no one is controlling their environment and they parrot what they see and do.

  • Eric

    Spot on. But———the prevailing attitude among the ruling plutocrats is that “the village should raise the child”……..

    And, there is significant chatter about the ‘beauty’ of gene-splicing, thereby allowing for multiple “parents”.

    But, hey, as long as “Honey Boo Boo” and “Naked and Afraid” are on display, then the low-information citizen will remain fat, happy, and clueless.

    Good times, mate, good times.

  • Barry

    Aaron Hernandez …

  • Stan

    Why was he murdered?

    Simple, because he was white and he was in the wrong place at the wrong time.

    Pretty soon it will ONLY be the police who aren’t profiling!

  • larry Levin

    USA is under attack from cultural marxism the breakup of the family was planned by those who want to weaken USA from within. The father provides a huge service to the family for free, once this is gone a host of government workers must take his place, social workers, parole officers, drug abuse counselling. The structures in USA which made it strong have been systematically dismantled. The Soviet Union butchered upwards of 60 million of its citizens mostly christians, Senator Joseph McCarthy showed that US politics had been infiltrated by those very same interests. ex KGB defector Yuri Bezmenov has many videos which clearly detail how subversion is being carried out in the west including USA.

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