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Why Was Australian Chris Lane Really Murdered?

Posted by Larry Doyle on August 22, 2013 9:22 AM |

I beg your indulgence today as I navigate off our traditional economic landscape to weigh in on the senseless, cold-blooded murder in Oklahoma of Chris Lane, an Australian student-athlete attending East Central University.

This situation bothers me and assuredly countless others on so many levels. While initial reports from many outlets would have us believe that this murder stemmed from bored teens looking for some form of sadistic fun and pleasure, are we so naive as to accept that on face value without looking deeper?

To do just that, let’s watch a brief 100-second clip of an interview of a local Duncan, Oklahoma citizen with a reporter from The Sydney Morning Herald and learn what he believes are the real factors behind this murder. 

Please pay particular attention to the comments made at the 80 second mark.

I want to express my sincere condolences to the Lane family and all those directly and indirectly related to them.

To the American public and especially those in public office, when will we have the national discussion regarding the breakdown of the two parent family? I do not know the family situations of the three young men involved in this horrific situation, but I would think we may care to embrace the message provided by James Johnson, the man interviewed in this clip.

Unless and until the United States wants to connect the dots between the breakdown of the family and the escalating rise in a wide array of social problems (obesity, substance abuse, teen pregnancy, perpetuation of poverty, assault and violent crimes, incarceration, emotional and behavioral problems), we resign ourselves to being a second tier society.

And that reality comes with immeasurable costs that we all pay each and every day.

When will our major media outlets host the forums and lay out the statistics that speak these truths in stark fashion?

I hope and pray that Chris Lane’s family finds peace.

As for America, we are long overdue to WAKE UP from the politically correct — and induced — coma and see that the moral decay reflected in the aforementioned issues and connected to the breakdown of the family is causing our nation to rot from within.

Have at it.

Larry Doyle

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