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Spitzer: Lanny Breuer at DOJ Was a Disaster

Posted by Larry Doyle on June 20, 2013 8:26 AM |

Hat tip to Barry Ritholtz at The Big Picture and our friends at eWallStreeter

Say what you want about Eliot Spitzer’s personal shortcomings but when it comes to many of the regulatory capture issues addressed regularly at this blog, he is not evasive or deferential as so many former pols and regulators are wont to be.

True to form, Spitzer pulls no punches in a recent Bloomberg Law interview. What does he think of the former Assistant AG for the Criminal Division of the US Department of Justice Lanny Breuer’s tenure? Simply a “disaster.”

What does he think of the revolving door, current SEC chair Mary Jo White, and the practice of “neither admit nor deny”? 

While Washington continues to give us little more than the slow walk on many pressing issues of the day,  Spitzer wastes no time in telling it like it really is. Watch and learn.

Larry Doyle

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