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Dr. Ben Carson Elevates The National Discussion

Posted by Larry Doyle on February 12, 2013 3:01 PM |

I so appreciated the delivery given by Dr. Benjamin Carson at the National Prayer Breakfast the other day, that I welcome highlighting a 7-minute clip in which he continues to attempt to elevate our national discussion.

Who in our nation would disagree with Carson’s assessment that we need to have a truly engaged debate rather than the normal clanging and bantering that resonates from Washington? Watch. . . listen . . . learn from our newest inductee to the Sense on Cents Hall of Fame, Dr. Benjamin Carson.

What do people think?

Larry Doyle

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  • Peter Watts

    Much of what Dr. Carson has top say is common sense, but can we please get this silly concept of God out of the equation. Can antone please poiint to a modern example of God intervening into a problem caused by Man. As I understand the theological cocept, God has granted the right of free will to man, and thus does not involve himself/herself in problems created by man.

    • larry Levin

      Dear Peter Watts

      The smartest people in history believed in the Bible, our laws and constitution is derived from the Bible, The founding fathers many of them were very religious men. The followers of satan are at war with gods people, look at how many chritians were murdered by Stalin 20million ? 60 million, Hollywood does not even bother counting.

      a youtube video titled “History we never hear about: Religion and the Founding Fathers” is worth watching

    • Joe

      There are many reasons for the decline and fall of a nation, but an important (and often overlooked) reason is its abandonment of religion. Russell Kirk has said that the roots of “culture” come from the “cult.” In other words, culture (cult-ure) is based upon some form of religious or spiritual worldview. Egypt was a religious society founded on the worship of nature gods and goddesses. Greece and Rome had their pantheon of pagan deities. And the list of nations in India, China, and other parts of the globe all demonstrate the principle that civilization arises from religion.

      And the opposite is also true. When the traditional beliefs of a nation erode, the nation dies. Religion provides the set of standards that govern a nation. Historian Will Durant said, “There is no significant example in history, before our time, of a society successfully maintaining moral life without the aid of religion.”

      When Nations Die

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