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Obama Sells Out Literature for “Informational Texts” in Asinine Educational Program . . . MUST READ

Posted by Larry Doyle on September 21, 2012 10:01 AM |

I have given President Obama very real credit and criticism for large parts of his programs to support public education. I particularly like and appreciate the administration’s support of charter schools. I think he largely plays politics in acceding to many demands made by public teachers unions.

Well, so much for the credit.

Given my strong interest in this topic and having written extensively on the state of public education in America today, my jaw literally dropped this morning as I read the following in The Washington Post’s Rethinking the Classroom: Obama’s Overhaul of Public Education

One result will be that children at all levels will read less literature and more speeches, journalism and other “informational texts” to prepare for life after graduation.

I had to reread this a few different times in order to let the magnitude of this statement sink in.

So much for Moby Dick, A Tale of Two Cities, David Copperfield, Jane Eyre, and other great works that have inspired so many students over the years to pursue great thoughts and their own great works in the world of arts and literature.

Do you, as I, get a little bit concerned wondering just whose speeches our children might be reading? Do you think the material selected might be subject to very real bias? Journalism? Do you share my view that to a very large extent real journalism in America is now dead? “Informational texts?” Are you kidding me?

This shift in our nation’s public reading program is ALARMING.

Are we dumbing down our future to the point that the great literary works will become mere relics? Are we replacing Herman Melville, Charles Dickens, Charlotte Bronte, Homer, and so many other great writers with the stimulating works produced in Us Weekly, People, and other thought provoking writing commonly found at most checkout counters?

Whatever credit I directed Obama’s way in the past for his approach to public education, I now fully retract.

“Informational texts?” Something along the lines of how to play the newest version of X-box or as referenced above, Why Barack Loves Her?

What happened to our country?

May God help us!!

Larry Doyle

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