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Please Sign Petition re: Peter Sivere – George Demos

Posted by Larry Doyle on March 8, 2012 10:10 AM |

Aside from my hope that readers would care enough to share my writing and passion for the Sense on Cents virtues of truth, transparency, and integrity I do not believe I ask for much if anything from those who come here.

Well, today I am asking.

How might you help?

More than you may ever fully know or appreciate. 

I first highlighted a case involving a compliance officer at JP Morgan Chase named Peter Sivere in January 2010. I wrote at the time, SEC IG Report: George Demos Pimped Peter Sivere,

Who is George Demos? A former enforcement lawyer in the New York office of the SEC, currently running for Congress from Long Island.

Who is Peter Sivere? A former compliance employee at JP Morgan.

Sivere crossed paths with Demos in 2004 while providing information related to an investigation of questionable mutual fund trading activity. In the midst of Sivere’s engagement with the SEC, his confidence was violated. I highlighted this reality the other day in writing, “The SEC Pimped Peter Sivere.”

Who at the SEC blew Sivere’s cover? Today we learn it was George Demos.

Despite the findings of then SEC Inspector General David Kotz, the court system has not supported Sivere’s case and call for real justice. This would not be the first time a court has stifled the truth. On that note, let’s bring Mr. Sivere’s case into the court of public opinion.

If you care about pursuing the truth and promoting transparency and integrity in our nation, please sign and share the petition linked below. I believe it will take you approximately 20-30 seconds.

If you have little to no interest in those virtues, then I am not sure why you would be reading Sense on Cents in the first place.

If you are George Demos and do not appreciate this petition, then you can compel your attorneys to release the details of the Inspector General’s report and that of the New York Committee on Professional Standards highlighting what truly transpired between you and Mr. Sivere back in 2004 and we can all get on with our lives.

The truth shall set US free.

Here is the petition addressed to the New York Committee on Professional Standards. .

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Do your friends, family, and colleagues a favor and get them to do the same. Thanks!!

I have no affiliation or business interest with any entity referenced in this commentary. The opinions expressed are my own. I am a proponent of real transparency within our markets, our economy, and our political realm so that meaningful investor confidence and investor protection can be achieved.

Larry Doyle

  • Peter Sivere

    Hi Larry,

    As always, thank you for your help and support. You truly provide a great service to US all. I really want to nail these morons. They never investigated George Demos and they never read the SEC OIG Investigative Report. This is why they are pushing back so hard in regard to disclosing their “investigation” with the public.

    Look at this piece from 2007.

    North Country Gazette/Corruption in the Henhouse

    Thank You,
    Peter Sivere

    • Peter S.

      Mr. Sivere you were not the first would be whistle blower that Stephen M. Cutler’s SEC Enforcement Division ratted-out to the financial institution committing securities fraud. Mr. Stephen M. Cutler, now JPMorgan Chase’s top chief legal counsel, has a sordid history during his reign as our country’s top cop in the securities industry. Somebody else should document the historic failures of Cutler’s SEC Enforcement Division – his failures where purposeful. Cutler needs to be held accountable. I admire your determination.

    • Peter S.

      Mr. Sivere, I think your ultimate nemesis is Demos’s boss. Mr. Cutler was deposed before the SEC Inspector General’s office in March of 2009. Cutler’s testimony during his deposition is his third differing account of an unknown “informant” calling him to report securities fraud in a matter that I brought to the his division months earlier. I believe Cutler’s testimony should be his final undoing.

  • Mark J. Novitsky

    Larry…My name is Mark J. Novitsky and I am a National Security and SEC Whistleblower. Good luck Peter. What people must be aware of is that literally EVERY major ILLEGAL Financial Crime that decimated not only the 99% but the World…had honest, well-intended, detailed, expressly specific whistleblowers that tried to warn both the SEC and then members of congress and MSM after the SEC did NOTHING! (Although the SEC…the “Selective Enforcement Commission” PROTECTING corporate/banking criminal “elites” is not doing nothing!) – Even the FBI specifically warned about the rampant ILLEGAL Mortgage Fraud taking place leading to the 2008 “crisis”…of which btw…we are in the bottom of the 2nd inning. – In my possession I have indisputable documented prima-facie evidence of MASSIVE fraud and abuse at every level of the SEC…SEC, SEC FOIA, & SEC OIG…but what should one expect when your boss is Mary Schapiro & Robert Khuzami? Not only am I in possession of this documented evidence (after SEC destroyed 10,000+ case files / MUI’s) it also involves members of congress as co-conspirators acting to protect my former employer…a substantial govt. contractor with links to DHS, State, & FBI. In 2004 I blew the whistle on SOX and 2007 I blew the whistle on the SEC/CEO “hotline” to stop or stall investigations now since confirmed by multiple sources. But no MSM will touch this story…despite all that has happened / documented. I warned in 2004 that SARBANES-OXLEY was a post-Enron intentional easy to prove fraud designed only to fool retail investors that a new cop was on the beat. (Where did all the wasted SOX redundant compliance costs go???) — How’d that work out? And now Dodd-Frank / Frank-Dodd=FROD is SOX 2.0 and worse. As we speak legislation by congressman Mike Grimm was approved titled Orwellian style the “Whistleblower Improvement Act”… That would force WB’s to report crimes, fraud and abuse to their employers / perpetrators first before going to the authorities so they can destroy the WB along with the evidence! But as we all have painfully learned…what is the point of going to the SEC anyway? (the legislation will be covertly hidden in some school lunch for inner-city youth bill) — Ask why we have the DOJ going on a historically unprecedented attack on WB’s and to date despite all the evidence…not a single CEO (Regulator) has been prosecuted for fraud.(SOX 302/404) Lastly…Sept. 2011 the FED put out a public RFP (Request for Proposal) looking for contractors to “gather data from the primary social media platforms…monitor billions of conversations and generate text analytics based upon predefined criteria…handle crisis situations, Continuously monitor conversations, and Identify and reach out to key bloggers and influencers.” – Can you hear me now?

  • Peter Sivere

    Thank You Peter, I will read. I was terminated three months prior to this article being published in the WSJ in late 2004.

    SEC Probes JP Morgan Role in Canary’s Improper Trades

  • Edward Cassavell

    We need more honest and truthful people like Peter Sivere.
    Integrity is a virtue which to few have in government. I wonder how this has happened to our culture. Let us pray there are more people like Mr. Sivere.

  • Steve McC.

    Wow – yet another attempt to try and create a scandal where there is none. You must be on Randy Altschuler’s payroll!

    You know for a fact, Mr. Doyle, that this issue has been THROWN OUT OF THE COURTS TWICE and there is no basis for Mr. Sivere’s charge. There are NO records to release – and this is just a pile of hogwash.

    But you already know that, and this is just to get your name out there and try and prevent Mr. Demos from winning the Republican nomination for NY-1. Nice try, but the people of NY-1 know Mr. Demos and we’re not buying this, just like we weren’t buying it any of the other times you tried to make this an issue.

    • LD


      Welcome to Sense on Cents.

      Private citizen over here (here’s my bio, full and open kimono) with no affiliation with Mr. Sivere, Mr. Altschuler (who’s he??) or anybody else involved in this case.

      Assuming you are speaking on behalf of Mr. Demos and as I write,

      If you are George Demos and do not appreciate this petition, then you can compel your attorneys to release the details of the Inspector General’s report and that of the New York Committee on Professional Standards highlighting what truly transpired between you and Mr. Sivere back in 2004 and we can all get on with our lives.

      The truth shall set US free.

      I repeat and stand by my statement.

      I welcome the opportunity to run any and all details you can provide from the SEC IG and/or the NYCPS. I thank you in advance if you can share them with all those who come here.

      • Steve McC.

        I don’t speak for Mr. Demos – but I did follow the case, and I do know that this has been before the courts more than once, and it has been thrown out each time.

        Sorry – I’m not George Demos, I’m simply an IT administrator – but nice try!

        • You are an IT admin with knowledge of the Demos case…hmmm….
          The SEC themselves said Demos violated ethics rules but failed to act.

          Demos ratted out the whistleblower to the people he was supposed to be investigating!!!

          I want to know what the judges did, saw, gathered to come to their strange conclusions TWICE!!!!

          Then Demos posted Peter Sivere’s name on his site – that’s against the law I believe.

          • Steve

            The SEC gave Demos a plaque for his wonderful service – not a reprimand for ratting out a whistleblower. This case is public knowledge and even an IT administrator like me can be interested!

  • Peter Sivere

    I had to share. I guess we now know he reads SoC

    • Steve McC.

      Mr. Sivere – you should enlighten Mr. Doyle on the status of your case against Mr. Demos. How many times have you been to court against Mr. Demos and how many times has it been thrown out because your charge is baseless?

  • Peter Sivere

    Hi Steve,

    First, I am glad that you are not a lawyer. Second, how can this report and its conclusion differ so much from the NY Committee on Professional Standards? It really isn’t that complicated. George ratted me out when he had a duty not to and the repercussions to that were life altering for me and my family. No sour grapes. I just want him to be disciplined the way I was. The SEC was about to do that but George quit before that could happen. This is not political. It has to do with right and wrong and common decency for the citizen of this country.

    SEC Office of Inspector General/Case OIG-501/Disclosure of Nonpublic Information


    The OIG investigation uncovered testimonial evidence that definitively shows that SEC\~YRO Staff AttomeyC -,1disclosed non-public information about an informant during the course otan ongoing Enforcement investigation. In addition, we uncovered evidence that-Jnot only gave outside counsel for lPMorgan permission to use the non-public information about an informant against him, but actually encouraged such use. While the investigation determined that\ ~was counseled by
    ~ -his
    supervisor about the importance of not disclosing non-public information in
    December 2005, we are referring this matter to management in light ofthe additional
    evidence for consideration of further disciplinary action

  • Peter Sivere


    Putting the legal stuff aside. Do you think what George Demos did to me was ok? Just on a human level?

  • Peter Sivere


    For the record, I have never been to Court on this matter. I have been denied access to the Committees “investigation.”
    Why can’t WE see that investigation and compare it to the one I linked above. Maybe George is not the issue and it is the Committee hiding the fact that they just wrote a letter with no investigation AND the SEC report is baseless?

  • Steve

    This is the letter you received from the court showing that there has been no professional misconduct and that the file is closed. You’ve never been to court in this matter???

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