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Which Republican Will Win the Iowa Caucus?

Posted by Larry Doyle on December 28, 2011 7:31 AM |

With the Iowa caucus now less than a week away, let’s run an unscientific poll.

1. Whom do readers believe will win the Iowa caucus?

2. Whom do readers hope wins the Iowa caucus?

3. Whom do readers believe will be the ultimate Republican Presidential nominee?

4. Whom do readers believe presents the greatest chance to win the general election?

Please feel free to make any other editorial comments.

Larry Doyle


  • lizzy

    I find it surprising that in a supposedly pluralistic society the political process can be so dominated by extremely conservative religious voters. I have lived under the illusion that church and state are to be separate. What an assortment of broken down has beens, never should have beens and just plain crazy old cusses are running. I would be happy with Romney as a candidate; the rest of them are impossible.I can’t imagine an informed voter supporting any of them, but times are crazy and as Obama’s election showed. so are the voters.

  • Spencer

    Ron Paul will win because people are starting to realize that America is losing its place as the country where citizens are free to live without worrying about government interference and intrusion into one’s life. Ron Paul is the only candidate who has always been on message about what the original intent of what the Founders wanted: a country called the United States, where the government ruled by the consent of the people, and where citizens were not to be bothered, but left alone to live their lives. Americans, most of them, do not like what America is becoming. They want a man who will fight for them, a man who will fight for their independence.

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