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  • Peter S.

    “Just like regulated firms, senior regulators should also be held to account. However, along with the senior managers at financial firms that had engaged in inappropriate activity, very few senior regulators have been held to account following the crisis.”

    Historically, the revolving door between those who regulate, and those being regulated, contributed greatly to our massive economic failure. Identifying all individuals duplicitous in securities fraud matters must be the paramount concern in current enforcement efforts. Allowing despicable individuals, who violate our securities laws, and/or desecrated our nation’s trust, so to secure their families’ interest much to the detriment of the greater American family, cannot walk unexposed!

    The former Securities and Exchange Commission’s Enforcement Director, Stephen M. Cutler, who enjoyed quoting men of far greater wisdom and character than himself, once reference Mark Twain in a regulatory speech – “History does not repeat itself – but it does rhyme.”

    Let me suggest that one reason history is allowed to rhyme for Wall Street and Washington is that those few from both groups benefiting from the history (FRAUD) they create have far too much influence over one another.

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