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My Visit to ‘Occupy Wall Street’

Posted by Larry Doyle on October 20, 2011 1:55 PM |

Should the Tea Party and Occupy Wall Street merge as I have proposed over the last few days? What are the chances that might happen?

Well, after my visit to the Occupy Wall Street demonstration in lower Manhattan yesterday I would think there are two chances of a merger between these two entities. None and even less than that.

Why so harsh in my assessment?

Well, if the OWS movement would maintain that it is representing 99% of our American population, then based upon my visit yesterday, they would seem to have a lot of recruiting to do. I would venture to say—and I want to be generous here— that OWS represented perhaps 15-20% of our population in terms of demographics and socioeconomic status.

Over and above that, in my opinion if the OWS movement cares to gain traction in America then they need to gain an understanding of how our economy and markets truly work. In the course of a few conversations, it was readily apparent that there was little appreciation for basic economic principles and market dynamics. An advanced dialogue of finer technical points was totally out of the question.

Credibility comes with knowledge and understanding. The OWS may very well need to bone up on a whole  host of concepts as the placards and platitudes will not get them far.

Mind you, the people I was engaging were not encamped in the middle of the park but rather those manning the information table. Did I just so happen to pass by when uninformed individuals were manning the table? Perhaps.

As I was leaving to retrieve my truck for the drive home, my instincts led me to think the following:

Who is really behind this initiative?

What is the true agenda of this movement?

I was hoping that my visit to OWS yesterday would help me understand more about this movement. All it did was raise more questions and suspicions.

Perhaps greater truth and increased transparency will emanate from OWS at some point in the future. Neither those involved in OWS nor anybody else receives a pass from practicing and promoting our prized virtues.

As for my hope that the Tea Party and OWS might merge? Don’t hold your breath and continue to….

Navigate accordingly.

Questions, comments, constructive criticisms encouraged and appreciated.

Larry Doyle

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I have no affiliation or business interest with any entity referenced in this commentary. The opinions expressed are my own. I am a proponent of real transparency within our markets, our economy, and our political realm so that meaningful investor confidence and investor protection can be achieved.


  • Rick

    In regard to your question as to “who is really behind this movement?”

    Soros and the White House and the Service Employees International Union (SEIU) and this guy Halperin who gave them 6 figures etc. etc…..

    Street theatre always threatens violence and has no place in a republic. All those folks think we are a democracy and we’re not…we elect representatives in a legal process to voice our interests….otherwise we’d all be hooked up to frank luntz’s opinion machines and the govt would be run by popular opinion.

  • Small BD

    What did you expect from your ‘survey’ of the crowd? Every movement requires a herd of sheep. Was the Bastille stormed by a hoard of tax attorneys?

  • BD

    Further, an acquaintance of mine took the journey downtown and conducted his own ‘survey’. He met college graduates with $80,000 in student loans who were living with their parents, people without jobs, health insurance, etc. Should they go home until they’re ready to discuss the “finer technical points” with you?

    • LD

      Informed protest makes for a far more compelling case. Call me suspect as to who and what is really behind this initiative.

      • BD

        I don’t disagree with your first point per se. But I believe that the compelling case is to be found in housing, unemployment, lack of health care, FINRA, ARS, regulatory capture and other disgraces.
        The ‘movement’ should be judged on the merits, not partisan politics. I know some of the supporters, and I’m sure that they’re not planing to burn down the White House, nor form some backwoods militia.

        • LD

          Then let’s hear it…with appropriate level of details and pinpointing those entities and individuals involved in the transgressions.

          Truth and even more so transparency brings credibility. I have yet to see or hear those principles with the OWS crowd.

          • BD

            It takes time and tactful negotiation before a coalition of differing groups can reach consensus (which often involves dropping an important issue or two, unfortunately). But I agree that their focus should emerge sooner rather than later. On a practical level, which of the top individuals / entities do you feel OWS should focus on in order to best serve the disenfranchised masses?

          • LD

            In regard to which individuals and organizations, let’s start with the following:

            Mary Schapiro and both the SEC and FINRA
            Angelo Mozilo and Countrywide
            Franklin Raines and Fannie Mae
            Leland Brendsel and Freddie Mac
            Dick Fuld and Lehman Brothers
            Oppenheimer and any other entities which have not yet made ARS holders whole…
            Kerry Killinger and Washington Mutual
            Those pols in Washington who have received significant campaign contributions from these firms and the Securities Firms/Investment Banks as a whole….

            How is that for a start? Certainly plenty more worth investigating and exposing beyond this but this is a solid non-partisan start.

            Let’s hear them express these specific names and initiatives and perhaps then they may get a degree of credibility.

            What do you think?

          • Beth

            So, it appears we want OWS to clean up the mess that Wall St and Washington have put up and promoted for shall we say decades… hummm seems like an enormous job…

            The United States Government can’t even do it… I think I am becoming quite the skeptic w/ regards to the US Govt. and Wall St.
            I would love to know exactly when the US Govt./ Washington etc started traveling down the slippery slope. Perhaps it has always existed..

        • TeakWoodKite

          On a practical level, which of the top individuals / entities do you feel OWS should focus on in order to best serve the disenfranchised masses?


  • Beth

    I say let’s see what happens w/ OWS… this country was founded on a small group of very unhappy people who set out for a new world, a world where they could practise their religion, own a piece of land and make some money.
    I’m sure they were called renegades, separatists etc.
    It’s time for a change… and from its ashes came the Phoenix.

  • Dan


    If you want to know who’s behind the OWS movement, you should Google Heather Booth of the Midwest Academy (not a school) in Chicago. These are the same people Zippy worked for as a “community organizer.”

  • BD


    I couldn’t agree with you more. Mary Schapiro is always at the top of my list. I intend to inquire with some of the sub-organizers. It is time for this movement to ‘grow up’ and show that they do indeed represent the “99%.” Time to s*#t or get off the pot.

  • Noogan

    Who is behind this “movement?”

    Well, first of all, it isn’t really a “movement” at all; it’s largely youth, with a few hold-overs from the 60s joining up. It’s mostly uninformed college students who don’t know anything about history, and who have been largely propagandized by brazenly liberal media for most of their lives. They don’t know anything about economics; moreover, they don’t CARE to know anything about economics. They’re more interested in hooking up, stickin’ it to “the man” and engaging in civil disobedience because they’ve heard such glorious stories of Woodstock, and 60s protest marches that “ended the war” in Vietnam. They’re just trying their parent’s lives on for a bit. But they’re being led by people who have an agenda: The Alliance for Global Justice, for instance. AGJ is a marxist revolutionary group that has long supported and given money to marxist revolutionary movements in Mexico, Central and South America, etc. They’ve got taxpayer funded cover as a 501 3-c “charity” group. And, they use that to do the donations processing for OWS. Moreover, I do believe Soros has some influence here, since his “media” groups have signed on wholeheartedly to this effort to disrupt, destroy, and create chaos. SEIU and ACORN [with new name] is also involved in the organizing. They don’t represent any 99% certainly, but they can become dangerous, since mob rage is always dangerous, and there’s no controlling authority here to maintain order. Bloomberg’s making a huge mistake protecting these people while they trespass and destroy private property; but the residents of NYC are making a huge mistake too, thinking that they won’t end up paying the price for these students for a democratic society.

    • Small BD

      All demonstrations / movements are a bit sloppy. But I’ll admit that the drum circles are annoyingly cliche.
      At last check, conservatives and liberals alike are losing their homes & jobs, not to mention wage stagnation.
      The inherent “danger” is that America is continuing to slide into the waste basket.

      • TeakWoodKite

        I understand that the Leader of the drummers went to have the “committee” assist in replacing the drums heads that had been vandalized…(some POS thought it cool to slash the heads of their drums) The 9k request was turned down.

  • lizzy

    Personally I get irritated when I hear about the “general assembly” holding constant meetings to make decisions. The term general assembly is linked in my mind with the U. N. which has become the corrupt home of major tyrants and petty dictators with little to recommend it. Are these silly twits thinking that their G. A. is making decisions for all of us. Mobocracy. We are a republic with a form of government designed to guard the rights of the minority; at least we were until it was perverted by Obama. Everyone acknowledges we have severe problems but I would prefer not to go to worse situations.

  • divman

    These looney tunes nutbags represent about 5% of USA society . Its a mostly white male group with the vast majority actually employed or were employed but quit to hang out in the park for the free food / drink and drugs .

    Gee . Here they are now formally linking up with Islamofascist groups . Gee . I was just thinking how anti-Wall Street and these anti-semetic groups have so m,uch in common . Now look at the Nazi Party USA in on the act along with the Communist Party of USA endorsing them and you have complete idiots who reeally are nothing but the 5% who just want anarchy .

  • divman

    oh my ……. key new endorsement for the OIWS nutbags today

    yessir . Getting David Duke to endorse you is quite a proud day for OWS .

    might help the media overlook this nasty news out of the Dallas OWS camp site


    DALLAS (CBS 11 NEWS) – CBS 11 News has learned of an investigation into the possible sexual assault of a 14-year-old girl at the Occupy Dallas campsite.

    When police took the girl into custody Sunday afternoon she reportedly told them she had been having sex with a man in his 20’s at the Occupy Dallas encampment and had engaged in sexual activity with several other people.

    One Occupy Dallas protestor said if the allegations are true measures should be taken to ensure everyone’s safety.

    “We’ll find out what the truth is and if that’s her story, that she was having sex with older men in the park, I guess we really need to watch the age group that’s coming in here and get control of that,” Rich Coffman said.


    Last time I checked there weren’t any sexual assaults at Tea Party protests.

  • Bill

    This is the Obama constituency personified. Investors Business Daily has termed George Soros an agent of chaos, and his backing of this rabble constitutes firm proof. I would add that Obama’s villification of the Tea Party and glorification of this thug group speaks volumes about him.

  • William

    A very interesting listen and addresses the question as to who is really behind the OWS movement.

    Aaron Klein Visits Occupy Wall Street

  • fred

    Now you have M. Moore acting as self appointed spokesman for OWS, he plans on doing a movie favorable to their cause. His position concerning politicians (Dems in particular), is that they are not to be blamed because they are only the ‘puppets’ for the 1% power elite, no more guilty than the masses who have failed to demand accountibility.


    I would be willing to bet that the movie release date will be prior to next year’s election and the movie will do alot toward legitimizing OWS and aligning the Pubs with the interests of the 1%. If memory serves, didn’t Moore try a similar ploy with the Ozone?

  • divman

    hey LD …… OWS now marching with a Chinese flag assuring all that lenin never harmed a soul!

    i tried warning ya last week these morons were not what ya thought they were about .

    They are all part of Obama’s free lunch army . Free college education and $20 an hour minimum wage …..with YOU picking up the tab .

    • LD


      You had the call. To be perfectly frank if they were trying to keep their intentions under wrap they are not doing a very good job of it with the likes of these lunatics in their midst.

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