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My Visit to ‘Occupy Wall Street’

Posted by Larry Doyle on October 20, 2011 1:55 PM |

Should the Tea Party and Occupy Wall Street merge as I have proposed over the last few days? What are the chances that might happen?

Well, after my visit to the Occupy Wall Street demonstration in lower Manhattan yesterday I would think there are two chances of a merger between these two entities. None and even less than that.

Why so harsh in my assessment?

Well, if the OWS movement would maintain that it is representing 99% of our American population, then based upon my visit yesterday, they would seem to have a lot of recruiting to do. I would venture to say—and I want to be generous here— that OWS represented perhaps 15-20% of our population in terms of demographics and socioeconomic status.

Over and above that, in my opinion if the OWS movement cares to gain traction in America then they need to gain an understanding of how our economy and markets truly work. In the course of a few conversations, it was readily apparent that there was little appreciation for basic economic principles and market dynamics. An advanced dialogue of finer technical points was totally out of the question.

Credibility comes with knowledge and understanding. The OWS may very well need to bone up on a whole  host of concepts as the placards and platitudes will not get them far.

Mind you, the people I was engaging were not encamped in the middle of the park but rather those manning the information table. Did I just so happen to pass by when uninformed individuals were manning the table? Perhaps.

As I was leaving to retrieve my truck for the drive home, my instincts led me to think the following:

Who is really behind this initiative?

What is the true agenda of this movement?

I was hoping that my visit to OWS yesterday would help me understand more about this movement. All it did was raise more questions and suspicions.

Perhaps greater truth and increased transparency will emanate from OWS at some point in the future. Neither those involved in OWS nor anybody else receives a pass from practicing and promoting our prized virtues.

As for my hope that the Tea Party and OWS might merge? Don’t hold your breath and continue to….

Navigate accordingly.

Questions, comments, constructive criticisms encouraged and appreciated.

Larry Doyle

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I have no affiliation or business interest with any entity referenced in this commentary. The opinions expressed are my own. I am a proponent of real transparency within our markets, our economy, and our political realm so that meaningful investor confidence and investor protection can be achieved.


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