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Let’s Merge the Tea Party and OWS: Part II

Posted by Larry Doyle on October 18, 2011 5:11 PM |

Should the Tea Party and Occupy Wall Street try to join forces under the auspices that they have much more in common from a macro standpoint than what may differentiate them from a micro standpoint?

I would love to see these movements join together. I think a merger of these forces could lead to the third party our country so badly needs.

Comments left on my post yesterday, Let’s Merge the Tea Party and Occupy Wall Street, covered a wide scope of thoughts and opinions.  I appreciated the range of views and personal experience with OWS shared by readers.  I understand that a merged entity would certainly not fit easily into any sort of politically defined group as we have come to expect.

Isn’t that the point? Haven’t we allowed ourselves to be defined by the media and the political establishment? Isn’t it time that those who aspire for an unfiltered access to the truth turn the tables on the power bases in Washington, New York, and elsewhere?

I firmly believe that if the Tea Party and Occupy Wall Street did coalesce in some manner that those embedded in the Wall Street-Washington Incest would be petrified by the prospects. I also believe the media would be overwhelmed by its inability to control the message. In my opinion, our nation needs to wrestle control from all three of these entities which have failed to perform and simultaneously protect our fellow citizens.

Could it happen? Could the Tea Party merge forces with Occupy Wall Street? Every idea starts somewhere, right?

High five to a loyal Sense on Cents reader who brought to my attention a video which was highlighted at the irrepressible Market Ticker blog. This clip is a mere 5-minutes long. I encourage readers to share it with others. It’s powerful.

We are certainly long overdue in aerating our nation from the overwhelming stench emanating from the aforementioned incestuous relationship.

I will be visiting OWS tomorrow and spreading some Sense on Cents. I will report back on Thursday.

Navigate accordingly.

Larry Doyle

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