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Let’s Merge the Tea Party and OWS: Part II

Posted by Larry Doyle on October 18, 2011 5:11 PM |

Should the Tea Party and Occupy Wall Street try to join forces under the auspices that they have much more in common from a macro standpoint than what may differentiate them from a micro standpoint?

I would love to see these movements join together. I think a merger of these forces could lead to the third party our country so badly needs.

Comments left on my post yesterday, Let’s Merge the Tea Party and Occupy Wall Street, covered a wide scope of thoughts and opinions.  I appreciated the range of views and personal experience with OWS shared by readers.  I understand that a merged entity would certainly not fit easily into any sort of politically defined group as we have come to expect.

Isn’t that the point? Haven’t we allowed ourselves to be defined by the media and the political establishment? Isn’t it time that those who aspire for an unfiltered access to the truth turn the tables on the power bases in Washington, New York, and elsewhere?

I firmly believe that if the Tea Party and Occupy Wall Street did coalesce in some manner that those embedded in the Wall Street-Washington Incest would be petrified by the prospects. I also believe the media would be overwhelmed by its inability to control the message. In my opinion, our nation needs to wrestle control from all three of these entities which have failed to perform and simultaneously protect our fellow citizens.

Could it happen? Could the Tea Party merge forces with Occupy Wall Street? Every idea starts somewhere, right?

High five to a loyal Sense on Cents reader who brought to my attention a video which was highlighted at the irrepressible Market Ticker blog. This clip is a mere 5-minutes long. I encourage readers to share it with others. It’s powerful.

We are certainly long overdue in aerating our nation from the overwhelming stench emanating from the aforementioned incestuous relationship.

I will be visiting OWS tomorrow and spreading some Sense on Cents. I will report back on Thursday.

Navigate accordingly.

Larry Doyle

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I have no affiliation or business interest with any entity referenced in this commentary. The opinions expressed are my own. I am a proponent of real transparency within our markets, our economy, and our political realm so that meaningful investor confidence and investor protection can be achieved.


  • fred

    Although the opposition is quick to label OWS as nothing more than a group of commi-pinko extremists, I think this movement is much more than that.

    The message of this movement is clear, ‘a shared disatisfaction with the power establishment’. Over time, I think this message will resonate and only grow stronger.

    Who among us hasn’t been taken advantage of by a system that so clearly benefits but a few.

    What impresses me most about OWS is that it has shown some staying power. It has only been a month but it has been a month.

    As the clip clearly projects , once people begin to focus on what they agree on, differences melt away quickly.

    Who knows, someday you might even see clean cut middle-aged irish catholic males marching next to twenty something commi-pinko extremists. Now that would be a picture!

  • Bill

    With all the background noise, how can anybody understand what they’re saying?

  • Beth

    I would not like to see OWS hyjacked by some militant group, the democrates, the republicans, marxists, the fascist, communists, or any other entity… and it appears at this point they haven’t been… the future will only tell.
    This a movement born out of a grave disatisfaction of what is happening to this country… It appears that greed was considered good as one time.
    Hopefully, OWS will transform itself by identifying what their vision is for this country.
    Let’s give it a chance… after all they thought the world was flat at one time, people laughed… they never thought we could put a man on the moon…people tend to laugh at and ridicule ‘new’ ideas and change… that’s human nature.

    Let’s give OWS a chance.

    • Peter S.


    • Shannon

      “Hopefully, OWS will transform itself by identifying what their vision is for this country.”

      This isn’t likely to happen since those who claim to speak for OWS say that they are there to bring focus on the issues and raise the questions, not to come up with the answers or create a third party. Plus, this is such an amorphous group, do you really think that could do this even if they wanted to? You’d need a few dozen groups to encompass what those involved want.

      • Beth

        U mean like the republicans and the democrates… maybe the Tea Party?

  • Kathy

    Larry, a non-starter. Whatever its economic positions, the Tea Party is authoritarian and repressive. It is undoing women’s rights, its candidates are actively engaged in vote suppression, and it wants to turn back the clock on everything civilized nations achieved in the 20th century, from protections for the elderly to protections for the environment which gives us life.

    • Shannon

      Your evidence?

  • Shannon

    I don’t see how they could join forces. One hates crony capitalism; the other hates capitalism (or so they think). One wants the government to stop bailing out Wall Street and return that money to the taxpayers; the other wants the government to stop bailing out Wall Street and give that money to the them (whether they paid taxes or not).

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