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Let’s Go Bruins!!! Boston Bruins, Stanley Cup Champions!!

Posted by Larry Doyle on June 15, 2011 8:35 AM |


I contemplated writing this morning about a recent Supreme Court ruling which seriously derails the perceived notion that mutual funds are fully vested in protecting investors. I strongly believe that ruling is not only a real setback for investors, but also bad for the markets, the mutual fund industry, and our nation.

I beg your indulgence if I put off highlighting that story for another day. Why?

Today I care to send out a message on behalf of all those who grew up with an organization which occupied a special place in my heart and that of virtually every other young boy growing up in the city of Boston in the ’60s and ’70s.

What organization?

The Boston Bruins.

What’s the message?

“Let’s go Bruins!!”

Tonight the Boston Bruins go behind enemy lines in taking on the Vancouver Canucks in the decisive game 7 of the Stanley Cup Finals.

While many in our nation may view this as just another game, to those of us who grew up in Boston during the aforementioned era, tonight is very special. Life in Boston during my youth seemingly began and ended with the Bruins.

Our boyhood heroes included the likes of Dallas Smith, Teddy Green, Don Awrey, Mike “Shaky” Walton, Johnny “The Chief” Bucyk, “Pie” McKenzie, Don Marcotte, Gerry Cheevers, Derek “Turk” Sanderson, Eddie Westfall, Ken Hodge, and Phil Esposito. These boys were legends but they were led by one who truly changed the game. Our greatest hero hailed from Parry Sound, Ontario and given his amazing exploits, our team became known as “Bobby Orr and the Big, Bad, Boston Bruins”.

Tickets to Bruins games during my youth were very hard to come by. The passion displayed by our heroes spawned an explosion in terms of new ice rinks, youthful participation, and an entirely new iteration of the sport, that is “street hockey”.

The memories are so fresh. The day the Bruins won the Cup in 1970 I was playing in a Little League baseball game. In the midst of the game the right fielder on the opposing team appeared to go into an apoplectic fit. In fact, he had a transistor radio with an earpiece and was merely reacting to the fact that the Bruins had just beaten the St. Louis Blues on an overtime goal by the legendary number 4, Bobby Orr. The recollection of our “Superman” having just beaten the maskless Glenn Hall remains etched in the memory of every Bostonian.


On that note and on behalf of all those who played in our street hockey games, in the CDHL, and on the pond in Weld Woods, let’s rally together one more time and send a message to our current legion of “boys in black and gold” who will take the ice in Vancouver this evening in an attempt to bring home Lord Stanley’s Cup……


Your regular writer will return to navigate the economic landscape tomorrow….but given that it has been 39 years since the B’s have been in this position, I could not pass up this opportunity. I thank you.

Larry Doyle

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I have no affiliation or business interest with any entity referenced in this commentary. The opinions expressed are my own. I am a proponent of real transparency within our markets so that investor confidence and investor protection can be achieved.

  • Sean

    Will we ever forget, Bob Wilson’s radio call in which he shouted,

    “He hit the f*&%n” post….

    There was clearly no delay used back then.

    Oh the memories.


  • Patrick

    Kenny Hodge says,

    “Let’s play hockey…”

  • Rob

    As a Stars fan, I was crushed when they missed the Playoffs by one game, but as a native of MA I am behind the Bruins for this Cup run. Go, Bruins!

  • Ben Simeone

    Today’s column was priceless,Larry,thanks for sharing those great thoughts and memories!

    • LD

      My pleasure, Ben!! Glad you enjoyed it. Those were good days.

  • Peter S.

    The picture of an out stretched Bobby Orr scoring the winning goal in the 1970 Stanley Cup Final send chills through my body to this very day. I was at the Garden that storied day. My Uncle Wally was a Boston Police Lieutenant and he had the coveted detail at the Garden. His two sons, and one of my brothers and I, were directed to the rear fire escape of the Garden by a patrolman out front after we told the cop we were Wally’s kids. The rusted fire escape loomed high with Uncle Wally four stories above waving to us to begin the climb. It was precarious accent, each step being carefully considered. When we reached the top, Wally took his flashlight out of the door that kept it ajar, plumes of cigarette smoke billowing out. He swept us in with his massive arm. He shouted to us above the all the fans that packed the Garden to the rafters, “we were on our own – and to stay away from the beer concessions.” Both the Garden and I shook the entire game; it was a day I will never forget. Thanks Uncle Wally.

  • Jvdhawk

    Black n Gold Baby!

    With it or On it.

  • Townie

    Let’s win it tonight for Normand Leveille.

  • Stan Jonathan

    Was there anybody tougher than the Mohawk we all knew and loved Stan Jonathan,

    Can we ever forget? Love the call by Fred Cusick

  • PJ

    I don’t root for the Bruins but can appreciate the way you feel today.


  • Barry

    Well said!
    Perhaps you saw this forwarded to me earlier…

    There are many Sport Arguments that are Fun and Interesting…. Some are Passion Based, and Some are Fact Based !!!!!

    Fact Based: Boston is the Greatest Sports Town Ever !!!!!

    7 Championships in the 4 Major Sports over the Last 10 Years

    Enough Said !!!!

    Go Red Sox, Go Pats in 2011 !!!!

  • cru82sader

    Great memories LD! The NHL Champs are worthy heirs to the throne once inhabited by the heroes of our youthful years. Ed

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