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Bill O’ Reilly, Please Meet John Maynard Keynes

Posted by Larry Doyle on June 15, 2011 2:50 PM |

I panned the liberal wing of our media the other day for wasting its time, effort, and money on pillaging through Sarah Palin’s e-mail.

Today I am happy to call out the other wing of our media for being truly pathetic.

I would have hardly believed what I learned if somebody merely told me but upon viewing this I am left no other choice than to state that Fox News’ Bill O’ Reilly is an economic mental midget.

I state this as one who is a registered Independent, typically leans right on the political spectrum, and finds most commentators at MSNBC and CNN to be merely insufferable.

I thank a new follower of Sense on Cents who shares this video and some amusingly appropriate editorial commentary along with it. You can not make this stuff up but it certainly strikes me as further reason for reading Sense on Cents. Our reader writes,

This is the shot that OUGHT to be heard around the world.

Bill O’Reilly, the biggest mouth in media, though on some things I AGREE with him on, they are NEVER economic things, because I could see a LONG time ago he does not know ANYTHING about economics, but when I saw this, I dropped my dentures.  Bill O’ Reilly did NOT know, and NEVER heard of Keynesian Economics until John Stossel gave him a very brief explanation.

It is the kind of ECONOMIC SYSTEM we have, and have had since 1934.  And we really took off with it IMMEDIATELY AFTER WWII.

It is simply put, Socialism applied to capitalism. It eventually grows in to Fascism, and it is a Ponzi Scheme truly. It is UNSUSTAINABLE.

Until EVERY AMERICAN KNOWS what it is, nothing will be fixed. Keynesian Economics is the BASIS for Social Security, Medi-Care, Medic-Aide, all of the “entitlements”  It is the “LICENSE” to print counterfeit money in to infinity!! LOOK, ITS TRUE!

Keynes came up with, “You must spend yourself in to prosperity”.  Both political parties practice it, the Demopublicans, so HOW can ANYTHING CHANGE???  We only have the choice of those two ignoramus parties!!!!

Please pass this on to EVERYONE you can, this should be the shot heard around the world for O’Reilly.  HOW can a man that ignorant have the position he has???  And make the money he makes???  How can an idiot be so successful???  How can so many people hardly wait to hear what he has to say???

Only in America, We DESERVE to be BROKE!!!!  You know, Will Rodgers said back in the 30’s “The United States will be the only country in history to DRIVE to the POORHOUSE in an automobile”  Yep he said that and then he was killed in a plane crash.  If he were alive today who could watch everyone go to the poorhouse carrying a laptop and watching Bill O’Reilly on YOU TUBE.  Damn what a joke!!

For Bill’s benefit and that of others who may not be familiar with the thought process and economic theory of one of the greatest economic giants of all time, I humbly submit Sense on Cents/John Maynard Keynes.

What does it say about our country when the lead commentator in prime time is not aware of one John Maynard Keynes? Do not tell me that Billo was play acting. No wonder why the media has been relegated to an after thought.

I thank the reader for bringing this to our attention.

Navigate accordingly.

Larry Doyle

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