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Obama Political Pandering on AZ Immigration Law Represents Real Risk to U.S. Dollar

Posted by Larry Doyle on May 20, 2010 6:41 AM |

Somebody in Washington might want to pull President Obama aside and inform him that he is the President of the “United States,” not the President of North America or the President of a future Mexican-American Federation. Putting pure party politics aside, when a leader of a nation openly and brazenly turns his back on that nation’s laws and its citizens, sovereign risk increases.

Sense on Cents is not a political site, but developments over the last few days warrant my remarks on how the Obama administration and Obama himself represent increased risk to the value of our dollar and our sovereign integrity. To what do I refer?  

A few days ago, Assistant Secretary of State Michael Posner effectively apologized to China and equated the recently enacted Arizona immigration law to the Chinese abuse of human rights. What the hell is going on here? A state passes a law to defend itself from illegal immigration because our gutless federal government has chosen not to properly protect our borders and that is worthy of comparison to Chinese human rights abuses?

America, WAKE UP!!!

This line of political thought at such a high level within the administration is a very real risk and should not be discounted.

Don’t think for a second that the Chinese government does not factor the lack of political courage to defend our nation’s laws and peoples into its dealings with the Obama administration. Talk about giving away leverage, if not the entire store. I want to negotiate against this crowd.

Spare me the bulls&%t about discrimination. I staunchly defend the rights and basic human values of every individual in our nation today. Racial profiling has no place in our society . . . nor do illegal immigrants. If we are not a nation of laws with a government willing to dispense with pure political pandering in defense of our laws and our people, then we are not a nation. Plain and simple.

I vomited yesterday upon seeing more of the same when Obama played politics again in the presence of Mexican President Jose Calderon. Obama continues to play to the Latino population in railing on the Arizona immigration law, but once again he fails to highlight the federal immigration law, which he is charged to uphold, on the books. Again, I believe Obama’s pandering leaves our dollar, and more importantly our nation, weakened.

While Obama plays to the Latino vote, whom is he deriding in the process?

1. Each and every legal immigrant in our nation, as well as the offspring of immigrants (that’s almost all of us!!). Historically, legal immigrants have made the sacrifice and displayed true love for our nation and its laws. Obama’s political pandering denigrates these people. He should ask them how they feel about the Arizona law.

2. Obama clearly has no interest in protecting the rights and safety of the citizens of Arizona who increasingly live at risk due to the influx of illegal immigrants.

3. Obama also does not fully appreciate the illegal drug trade pushing many illegal immigrants across our borders. Those drugs make their way into our society and into our kids’ veins. They kill many cities, towns, and families in the process.

Let’s not forget about the failure of the Bush administration to properly address this critically important immigration issue. That said, they never sank as low as the Obama administration, which seems bent on targeting one state’s efforts to protect its people in order to curry favor with other nations.

Obama needs to truly reflect on his stance and put the politics aside. He should boldly defend our borders, our citizens, and our future. His performance and that of his administration on this front are pathetic and leave our nation weakened. In the process, the U.S. market and the U.S. dollar represent greater risk . . . and that is sense on cents.


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Additional Commentary
No Surprise in Posner’s Apology to China on Arizona Law

by Mark Tapscott
The Washington Examiner; May 20, 2010

  • coe

    The lines, LD, between politics and economics are now and forever blurred…I listened to some commentary from the AZ Governor, speaking directly to the “costs” associated with our politically/economically misguided immigration sensibilities and lack of border controls – simply staggering – community services, education, law & disorder, incarceration, health care, housing…and then factor in the hidden but very real costs of violence, drugs, prostitution, kidnapping..and all the rest of the story…I’m no expert on this topic, and believe in the intrinsic dignity of man, but when the President and his henchman pursue this path from the bully pulpit, it’s bad enough as political pandering, but it’s even worse in that they believe their own words…somebody always must be demonized on the home team in Obama’s version of leadership of “We the People” – if it’s not the bankers in financial matters, it’s the insurers in health care, it’s the Republicans on virtually everything, and it’s certainly this poor woman, Jan Brewer, the Governor of Arizona, who is only trying to do exactly what she was elected to do – represent the interests of the citizens of her state – all the legal citizens of her state that is…take a lesson, Mr. President!!!!

  • mountainaires

    North Korea sank a South Korean vessel, killing 46 on board. That is an act of war against a US ally; and it is an act of war against US troops stationed in South Korea, some of them about 35 miles or so from the DMZ. But Obama won’t do a thing about it, because we’re desperate not to offend the Chinese, who would not take kindly to any act of aggression by the US against North Korea. Instead, Obama is sending massive military/naval weapons systems/ships to the Persian Gulf, even as Turkey and Brazil make inroads in negotiations with Iran. Obama is truly a danger to this country.

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