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Coe Provides Sense on Cents

Posted by Larry Doyle on May 20, 2010 10:32 AM |

In light of my initial commentary this morning, “Obama Political Pandering on AZ Immigration Law Represents Real Risk to U.S. Dollar,” I am compelled to further highlight this issue by drawing attention to a comment left by Coe, a loyal Sense on Cents reader. Coe writes:

The lines, LD, between politics and economics are now and forever blurred…I listened to some commentary from the AZ Governor, speaking directly to the “costs” associated with our politically/economically misguided immigration sensibilities and lack of border controls – simply staggering – community services, education, law & disorder, incarceration, health care, housing…and then factor in the hidden but very real costs of violence, drugs, prostitution, kidnapping..and all the rest of the story…I’m no expert on this topic, and believe in the intrinsic dignity of man, but when the President and his henchman pursue this path from the bully pulpit, it’s bad enough as political pandering, but it’s even worse in that they believe their own words…somebody always must be demonized on the home team in Obama’s version of leadership of “We the People” – if it’s not the bankers in financial matters, it’s the insurers in health care, it’s the Republicans on virtually everything, and it’s certainly this poor woman, Jan Brewer, the Governor of Arizona, who is only trying to do exactly what she was elected to do – represent the interests of the citizens of her state – all the legal citizens of her state that is…take a lesson, Mr. President!!!!

I commend Coe for further elevating this topic while embracing a wide array of the underlying issues. Our President and his administration would be wise to do the same. Coe has done all of us a real service and provided a wealth of sense on cents.


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