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NQR’s Sense on Cents with Larry Doyle Welcomes The Daily Bail

Posted by Larry Doyle on January 17, 2010 3:01 PM |

UPDATE: This episode of NQR’s Sense on Cents with Larry Doyle has concluded. You can listen to a recording of the episode in its entirety by clicking the play button on the audio player provided below. Once the audio begins, you can advance or rewind to any portion of the episode by clicking at any point along the play bar.


Is the media in general as much a part of the problem as part of the solution? Is the financial media especially running cover for their cronies in Washington and on Wall Street? The real financial and political debate has shifted to the internet because many in America feel strongly that the answer to my opening questions is a resounding “Yes!!”

Where can you go to get hard hitting questions and answers that provide real truth and transparency about the financial follies in Washington and on Wall Street? You have come to the right place as tonight’s No Quarter Radio’s Sense on Cents with Larry Doyle Welcomes The Daily Bail’s Steve Megremis.

The Daily Bail provides piercing insight and analysis of the Wall Street-Washington incest. In short order, it is widely regarded as the site that most comprehensively covers all the bailout news.

There is so much to discuss. We will assuredly have a riveting dialogue addressing the MA Senate race, Tim Geithner’s deleting details in AIG disclosures, the Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission, Wall Street bonuses, and so much more. You will not want to miss it.

You can join our discussion by dialing in to (347) 677-0792 and also by mixing it up and having fun in our chat room.

No nonsense here as Sense on Cents constantly pursues truth, transparency and integrity in helping our readers and listeners navigate the economic landscape.


  • Bill

    I don’t watch it much, but others caught in the
    auction rate trap said CNBC hardly covered
    what was the biggest fraud in financial history.
    Probably because almost every major and minor
    investment house, brokerage, bank and other
    purveyor of financial “investments” was
    complicit in it. These are the same outfits
    who also provide the bulk of the advertising
    on CNBC. It wasn’t just CNBC. My own
    auction rate “education” was courtesy of
    TD Ameritrade. The Wall St. Journal ran
    some stories on auction rates, including
    one on how TDA had left its customers stuck
    high and dry. Right after that, a full page
    ad appeared in the Journal for TDA, followed
    by subsequent full page ads. I’ve taken the
    Journal for at least a couple decades, and
    I can’t recall full page ads by TDA prior,
    although they may have occurred. At any
    rate, there were no further Journal pieces
    on auction rates and TDA, except the one
    on the SEC Consent Order with TDA. The
    article was actually favorable to TDA, quoting
    its CEO glowingly. No mention of the SEC
    having censured TDA for violation of the
    section 17a of the 1933 Securities Act
    for engaging in deceptive practices. I
    emailed both the author of the story and
    the editor of the Journal about the distortion
    in the story and got no response. My
    respect for the Journal went down several
    notches, and I no longer regard it as
    the reputable publication I once did.

  • Larry Doyle

    My interview last evening was fabulous. Here is a short clip from the tail end of the interview in which my guest who writes and manages the blog The Daily Bail highlights what would appear to be a classic case of insider trading by former NY Fed chair Stephen Friedman.

    Take a listen. It is only 4 minutes but if you are not aware of this situation it will stop you in your tracks.

  • LD, you are an excellent interviewer!! (But I already knew that, ha ha!) I’m SO glad details of all these dealings are starting to get out in the open. It’s all thanks to guys like you two. You guys are WAY out ahead of the MSM!!

    I hope Larry Johnson hears about this, too, and recognizes the amazing work you are doing–and not just on this, but on all your posts! ROCK SOLID!!

    • Larry Doyle

      SNK…You are very gracious. The interview was fabulous and only happened due to your prompting. Thank you very much for doing that. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

      The race in MA tomorrow, the Fed, AIG, Stephen Friedman. We covered a LOT of great stuff….and had fun doing it.

      Thanks again for your support and plugs.

      LJ is the best. I think the world of him and NQ. We have a fabulous relationship.

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