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MA Senate Race = Healthcare Referendum = Obama Referendum

Posted by Larry Doyle on January 15, 2010 1:02 PM |

Growing up in Massachusetts, there were (and still are) only a few topics that truly matter: politics, sports, politics, family, church, and politics. These topics are industries unto themselves and they are deeply intertwined. Other topics hardly register.

Against this backdrop, the MA Senate race between Attorney General Martha Coakley (D) and State Senator Scott Brown (R) has captured the nation’s attention. To be perfectly frank, I gave this race no attention until a week ago as I believed Coakley would win easily. Why? Massachusetts has three times as many Democrats as Republicans. It is the bluest of the blue states. Remember, Massachusetts was the only state to vote for George McGovern against Richard Nixon in 1972. (McGovern lost his home state of South Dakota)

This election has electrified the nation given the growing public rage against the Washington establishment.  In very short order, the election has become a referendum specifically on the proposed healthcare reform and more broadly on the Obama agenda.

In true Massachusetts political fashion, the gloves have come off. Brown’s momentum is reflective of the growing tide of American discontent. Don’t think every incumbent, but especially the Democrats, aren’t watching this race closely.

You know a lot of the Democrats are thinking that if Coakley loses and they continue to support the healthcare reform, that they too will be looking for work next November.

In this video clip from yesterday, Charles Krauthammer succinctly offers the same:

Will this election be the shot across Obama’s bow that pulls him, his Chicago cronies, and the Pelosi/Reid contingent to the center? For further dialogue on this topic, check out the discussion going on at Memeorandum.


  • silver

    It is VERY interesting what is going on here in Massachusetts! Last summer, our neighbor who is totally committed to the Republican party asked me to sign Scott Brown’s nomination paper, but said Brown did not stand a chance in this state. How things have changed! What is most interesting is that people who as a rule do not vote are coming out to vote in this election………..or all ready have, via the absentee ballot. The clerk’s office at our small town hall was a beehive of activity yesterday afternoon…….all looking for absentee ballots. It will be interesting to see where we are at next Wednesday! Who knows? If the Senate seat goes Republican…….maybe there is hope Barney Frank could be defeated!

    • Always Learning

      Silver –

      Be on the lookout for Obama in your neighborhood. Although he was initially distancing himself from Coakley’s campaign (protecting himself from a potential, embarrassing Democrat defeat), Obama has decided to make a last minute visit to Boston sometime before Tuesday. The Dems are really sweating this one. It’s fun to watch.

    • Larry Doyle

      Vote out Barney Frank? If that were to happen then this country may truly have a future.

  • Bay State

    People should be aware that the current MA governor Deval Patrick is an empty suit and definitely a one termer. Patrick’s campaign manger? David Axelrod, yep the guy who had Barack use Patrick’s “just words” speech. They can’t even plagiarize well.

    If Brown wins, Barney “bozo” Frank gets thrown out, Patrick goes next. The faker Kerry goes…

    I’m getting a little ahead of myself here.

    Let’s start on Tuesday with a Brown win and let America know capitalism is not dead yet.

    • silver

      I was just expressing a wishful sentiment when I mentioned Barney losing (I am in his district.)…………Barney Frank would be tough to defeat. His office does an awesome job servicing his constituents, e.g. little old ladies with social security benefit problems, etc…..However, Deval is a different story. I DEFINITELY think he will not get re-elected. He is all ready talking about not being a lifer in politics. Needs to make some money in the private sector, he claims.
      Brown’s campaign is working overtime to get out the vote. Have received a personal call everyday this week, asking us to vote……as well as several very effective large color post cards in the first class mail…….Should be interesting!

      • silver

        How things change in a week! Scott Brown won soundly in Barney Frank’s district! Perhaps there is real hope that Barney can be defeated! It should be interestingin this district come the Fall, 2010 election!

  • frank

    Hoary Mass politicians are a blight on the country.
    Franks, Kerry, Kennedy (now thankfully gone).

    Gridlock is preferable to more of obama & the dems.
    Yes, MA votes, please elect Brown if only to thwart the terribly flawed health bill. And to send a message to Obama.

    Obama pulled the largest bait & switch scam in history.
    No way he should be able to get away with that.

    Go Scott Brown!

  • SB

    Obama campaigned hard John Corzine in NJ…he lost.

    Obama campaigned hard for Creigh Deeds in VA…he lost.

    Obama campaigned hard for the Chicago Olympics in Copenhagen…they not only lost but they went out on the first ballot.

    For all those supporting Scott Brown’s candidacy, we should not only welcome Obama’s visit to MA tomorrow but we should ask him to stay for a few days. Perhaps we can get him to do some early campaigning for Barney Bozo as well.

    Welcome to Bahstahn, Mr. President, this race is wicked close.

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