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Helene Horan Giving Students A Shot at Life

Posted by Larry Doyle on January 15, 2010 4:22 PM |

During 2009, I wrote a few commentaries about a fabulous educational program in Stamford, CT called Domus. That program is truly saving lives. I felt so strongly about Domus and its head, Mike Duggan, I inducted him into the Sense on Cents Hall of Fame.

I am firmly convinced that our country’s greatest long term issue is education. Urban graduation rates are running at 50% and those figures are likely heavily manipulated. What are the ramifications of this reality? A future in which our nation has increasing numbers of unskilled workers and concomitant increasing social costs.

In the face of that reality, I am heartened by those like Mike Duggan who have dedicated their lives to helping others get educated so they can have ‘a shot at life.’

Today I came across another story of heartfelt dedication in the person of Helene Horan, an educational counselor in Worcester, MA.

What is so unique about Horan and her dedication? She provides support for graduates of a middle school for boys, The Nativity School. This school is doing tremendous work to support students of very limited means. Many students are first generation with parents having limited educational backgrounds. Let’s navigate further.

While The Nativity School is a middle school, Helene Horan’s support for these students runs throughout their high school years and now as they look to enter college. Three of her students were just accepted to Providence College on full scholarships. Talk about making a difference.

America should be grateful for programs such as The Nativity School and for dedicated professionals like Helene Horan. I commend the families of these students for realizing the importance of education. I commend all those affiliated with The Nativity School for providing it. I commend my niece Helene for walking the walk with these students beyond the middle school doors, throughout their high school years, and into the world of college and university studies.

America needs more programs like Nativity and people like Helene.

For those who would like to read more about this fabulous story, I am happy to connect to the Worcester Magazine’s Graduation Gurus. (After clicking on the magazine link, scroll down for the article).


  • Always Learning

    I just read the story about Nativity School and Ms. Horan. Very impressive.

  • Miss H

    For more information on Nativity Worcester you can go to:

    Nativity is a private school, but it is run entirely on individuals’ donations so that the students do not pay a tuition to attend. All of the boys who are accepted come from families that fall below – often well below – the federal poverty line, so we’re talking about situations such as a family of 5 living on $21,000 per year in a 3 bedroom apartment.

    And yet, if you met these boys, you would have no idea the tremendous challenges that they are faced with on a daily basis. They are truly remarkable young men and proof of both the resiliency of the human spirit as well as the mountains that can be climbed when you are focused and have people who believe in you, and are committed to you, unconditionally.

    • silver

      Go Miss H! “Changing the world” in Worcester one young man at a time!!

    • Larry Doyle

      Simply outstanding…and fully consistent with helping people ,in this case these young men, navigate the economic landscape by preparing them for life.

      So good!!

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