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Ed Schultz: Immediate Induction into Sense on Cents Hall of Shame

Posted by Larry Doyle on January 18, 2010 12:30 PM |

With this post, I am immediately inducting Ed Schultz, TV host on MSNBC, into the Sense on Cents Hall of Shame. Why? What could Ed Schultz have done to deserve this “honor?”

The pursuit of truth, transparency, and integrity on our economic landscape is forever challenging. The true challenge of this pursuit is the length to which many people will go to disguise and bury these virtues. Much of my writing is dedicated to uncovering these virtues amidst the degradation so prevalent in our country.

Ed Schultz’s transgression requires no work on my part or anybody else. Schultz takes journalistic integrity to a new low in espousing the fact that he would cheat to keep Scott Brown from winning tomorrow’s Massachusetts Senate runoff election:

You can’t make this stuff up. Schultz is clearly trying to drive ratings and create shock value with his statement. That said, is it any wonder why Americans with at least some degree of intelligence are running away from the mainstream media that propagates this sort of garbage?

I am sure Scott Brown hopes Ed Schultz and Patrick Kennedy (see prior post) are both back on the stump today. Nitwits such as these are only serving to steel the fortitude of Americans who are sickened by the lack of intelligence and real character prevalent on our economic and political landscape.

Schultz – like Kennedy – removes all doubt as to how stupid he truly is. Ed Schultz, just another jackass brought to us by the liberal mainstream media.


  • fiscalliberal

    Ed Schultz is not worth your time

  • Rock


    great stuff….I am not a great fan of Sarah Palin but find it interesting that a gaffe from her is headline news…that she doesn’t have the gravitas for office, etc…..yet, Patrick Kennedy can’t even get Martha’s name correct…not once, not twice but consistently….it would appear that there was some inbreeding taking place…

    As for Shultz…this guy has 5 kids…..what message does that send….that the ends justify the means….incredible!

    Keep on pushing….

  • TeakWoodKikte

    Had listened to “Big Ed” from 2006 to 08 due to the am band and the times I was driving. I am not surprised he is that dense. I could go on but the “blue collar jobs” shtick got old. Particularly when he acted like a chicken crossing the road and expecting a truthful answer as to why he was doing so.

  • fiscalliberal

    The information from last night
    was worth much more. Ed is a gas bag
    who is a wantabe

  • TeakWoodKikte

    LD I saw this at a site while looking at the voting hardware in MA…

    …”Herfindahl Index, used by the USDOJ to ascertain whether acquisitions create an anticompetitive marketplace.”

    If the DOJ uses this, what does “to big fail” really mean?


  • Jerome

    This guy is dumb as rocks. Absolute moron. IQ under 85. He’s not a nut job like some of the other political bloviators, he just really doesn’t have the capacity to understand the issues.

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