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Zombie & Co.

Posted by Larry Doyle on April 7, 2009 5:45 AM |

I am no fan of George Soros. I often believe he does not draw a hard line between his political interests and his business interests. His active support with has made a mockery of any attempt to achieve campaign finance reform.

That said, for those involved in global finance, whether you like George Soros or not, you need to know what he is thinking. Why? George Soros can move markets via his own investment strategies. Additionally, there is little doubt that George is the epicenter in a massive flow of market sensitive information. 

To that end, Soros gave a stinging indictment of the change in the FASB’s mark-to-market by stating in a Bloomberg interview, 

the change to fair-value accounting rules will keep troubled banks in business, stalling a recovery of the U.S. economy.

“This is part of the muddling through scenario where we are going to keep zombie banks alive,” Soros, 78, said today in an interview with Bloomberg Television. “It’s going to sap the energies of the economy.”

Is this statement a self-serving offering by Soros? Who knows? Is it an attempt to further promote the U.S. as a lessened power? Perhaps. That said, there are others, myself included, who believe the relaxation of the mark-to-market, especially for outfits like Freddie Mac, Fannie Mae, and the 12 regional Federal Home Loan Banks (FHLBs) is nothing short of a charade.

Did Soros’ statement have an impact on the market? Not today. The dollar has been improving of late. However, over the longer haul, the cost of having a number of zombie-like banking institutions will be pressure on the dollar along with increased borrowing costs for the zombie institutions or Uncle Sam who will be backing them. 

From a personal perspective, would you lend money to a zombie?

And now, here’s a must-watch little treat. Crank up your speakers . . .



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