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DOJ/FBI Pour Hot Acid in America’s Wall St. Wound . . . . . WOW, JUST WOW

Posted by Larry Doyle on July 16, 2014 8:36 PM |

If the American public thought that it had borne all the excruciating pain of every insult and injury that Wall Street and Washington could deliver . . . think again.

In what has to be a new low in terms of kicking the hard working, God-fearing, taxpaying investors of this land in the proverbial balls, check this WSJ story out about the motivations of the Department of Justice and Federal Bureau of Investigation in meting out large fines on Wall Street (Caution: prior to reading this, I recommend you remove any projectiles or sharp objects from your vicinity):

In extracting multibillion-dollar fines from Citigroup Inc. and other big banks, prosecutors say they are trying to deter future corporate wrongdoing by making shareholders angry enough to demand changes.

It is a significant shift in tone for the Justice Department and Federal Bureau of Investigation, which have argued for years that sending people to prison is the best way to prevent white-collar crime.

Are you f@*%$! kidding me?

With this release, Eric Holder and James Comey have taken the definition of chutzpah to a whole new level. Rather than upholding their mandate to truly protect the public interest, these lapdogs roll over — lick their own balls — and effectively admit that they are punishing the shareholders of the Wall Street banks rather than holding the senior Wall Street management to account.

How does that work when the boards of the Wall Street banks are chock full of cronies? It doesn’t work, never has, and never will. Yet that pile of dog$&*% is fed to the American public as a substitute for real justice. WOW, JUST WOW!! Talk about hot acid in a Wall Street inflicted wound. 

The DOJ and FBI could have left this story and line of reasoning untouched in the hope that the very slow passage of time might have gently cooled America’s outrage with Wall Street and Washington. But they didn’t. This story only stokes the fire and as well it should.

I believe strongly that most who read this commentary will look at Eric Holder and the DOJ, James Comey and the FBI, and yes President Barack Obama as well and say that they not only failed to hold Wall Street accountable but in doing so they were truly derelict in their duty. The line of reasoning within this statement confirms that reality because they could not possibly be this stupid to think otherwise. Or could they?

Those navigating the economic landscape around these parts would simply and justifiably say that Holder, Comey, Obama and so many more within their realm are In Bed with Wall Street.

I concur. 

The power of the pen may be mightier than the sword but it is hard to downplay how incensed I am by reading this pathetic statement put forth by departments that are supposed to stand for “liberty and justice for all.”

NOT!! Justice misdirected is justice denied. 

Our nation regressed this evening.

Navigate accordingly.

Larry Doyle

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  • Christy

    “what did Holder call it…his reason for protecting the Criminal Bankers/Wall Street…..’Collateral Consequences’

  • Frode

    Larry — Its like the Emperor’s New Clothes…who will finally make the rest of us see that our system — the Wall Street/Washington System — is utterly and thoroughly corrupted and morally bankrupt?

    I know you are trying your hardest…and I 100% support your efforts.

  • Joe

    if no jail terms….at the very least, the perps should have all their licenses pulled and be banished from banking and finance forever …. this sends the wrong message….”crime pays”…just depends on the crime and the criminal…

  • Beth Strycharz

    Welcome to the coming of age of the ‘new’ America;
    Third World Country.


    Holder and Comey are complicit and aiding and abetting future criminal behavior.

    To think that fines bring justice is part and parcel of CRONY CORRUPTION!!

  • Rudi K On Msol

    LD nailed it. It’s a pile of dog &*#&. The American people used to pull the strings, today, our strings are pulled. What is easier: For the average American to go broke or the for Wall Street CEOs to fraud Americans and avoid serious prosecution? Gee, they seem to be synonymous.

  • Cliff Forbes

    James Comey, the supposedly big force of independence in the Bush Administration, is now nothing but an Obama lackey. Just another career government lib bureaucrat who would fit right in at the IRS.

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