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Sharyl Attkisson: Death of Investigative Journalism

Posted by Larry Doyle on April 16, 2014 10:31 AM |

What does it say about a nation when a highly respected investigative journalist speaks out that she is compelled to leave her place of employment because her voice and her stories are not being given air time?

I do not know about you but that tells me the money and power behind the forces at work to keep the truth from the public are only getting that much stronger. Make no mistake, that money and that power are working for interests on both ends of the political spectrum and their friends doing their bidding on both sides of the aisle.

Given her willingness to depart CBS News and speak out on this corrosive reality within our media today, I welcome immediately inducting Sharyl Attkisson into the Sense on Cents Hall of Fame. What she has to say regarding media bias may not be surprising but it should trouble to no end all who care about a free and democratic society. 

I thank the regular reader who shared this brief commentary from The Independent Sentinel (w/an embedded 13 minute video clip):

Sharyl Attkisson, appearing on Howard Kurtz’ show, said that in the last couple years, there is much less interest in original, investigative reporting. CBS, in her recent experience, doesn’t seem to want to ruffle feathers of politicians, corporate interests, et al.

She said it was easy for her to leave CBS because they didn’t leave her much to do. Other reporters feel the same way about the reporting at CBS and other networks, Attkisson said.

The powers that be never say they won’t run the stories, they let the story die. It’s a death by a thousand cuts.

The press, she said, is very shy about challenging this administration as if they are making some kind of political statement instead of doing their job.

That should come as no surprise to anyone. Journalism is dead, sacrificed to the cause of statism and not ruffling any feathers.

I have personal experience in bringing stories with real impact to major media outlets only to be told that management will not allow the reporters to pursue them. That is wrong on so many levels but it is the world in which we live currently. The issues that go largely unaddressed by major outlets certainly run the gamut in terms of industry. Who pays the price for this lack of transparency? We all do.

Where do I go to learn information that the media keeps repressed? To sites such as the Project on Government Oversight, Transparency International, Government Accountability Project, and other sites to which I link under the Watchdog heading in the right hand sidebar of this blog. We need more sites such as these and more people like Attkisson, Charles Lewis, and Matt Taibbi. Speaking of Matt, he just joined a recently launched initiative, First Look Media:

Founded by Pierre Omidyar, the organization will pursue original, independent journalism that is deeply reported and researched, thoroughly fact checked, and beautifully told. We are driven above all by a belief that democracy depends on a citizenry that is not just highly informed, but deeply engaged.

I fully concur.

Larry Doyle

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