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Who and What Are To Blame for Uncle Sam’s Imminent Shutdown?

Posted by Larry Doyle on September 30, 2013 10:10 AM |

With the government mere hours away from an imminent shutdown, I commented over the weekend that a small proprietor would not run his hot dog stand in such a fashion.

Yet here we sit — with Uncle Sam sticking his mitt ever deeper into our pockets — faced with the prospect that the puppets in Washington on both sides of the aisle are incapable of managing our affairs not only to avoid a shutdown but to actually run things in a professional fashion.

So the questions beg: will Washington ever be able to regain a degree of statesmanship in running our country; are we to be faced with this same sort of pathetic gamesmanship every year; do they even really care? 

From my standpoint, the ongoing “game of political chicken” on display currently is indicative of a corrupted body politic and a nation in fiscal and political decline.

This may make for interesting political theater, but it is no way to run a country; although pols on both sides who line their own pockets with real and subtle payoffs find themselves conflicted when forced to address their lowest priorities, those being the interests of the general public.

Might the Dems in Congress offer to repeal their own special treatments/kickback/payoffs so as not to be subject to Obamacare as a means of averting this shutdown?

To those who visit here, I ask you, “Who and what are to blame for Uncle Sam’s imminent shutdown?”

Larry Doyle

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  • Peter Scannell

    The Congressional “Tea Party” cabal so vehemently oppose to the Affordable Care Act, which has survived 42 attempts to make it go away by the activist congressmen through what has been described as merely “symbolic bills” with no chance of passing, have yet to even make an effort to suggest improvements to the LAW.

    To think of the amount of time and effort WASTED by this congressional minority during this, the “Great Recession,” is beyond political folly – it borders on MADNESS.
    Since 2008, our country took for granted that it should and would be “all hands on deck,” in D.C., stunningly for some –they still can’t let go of their dicks!

    Hells bells.

  • Always Learning

    Government Shutdown Looks Likely as Congress Hits Final Hours

    One option being considered, House GOP members say, is to revise the CR to include language by Sen. David Vitter, R-La., that would prevent members of Congress and their staffers from receiving exemptions from key Obamacare measures.

    But Reid has shot down any provisions that would affect Obamacare.

  • Andrew

    It must be George W. Bush’s fault! 🙂

  • Russ

    All campaign contributions to a candidate, whether from an individual or a corporation, should be banned. Campaigns should be funded by the government for a limited number of days before the election. That would end all the corruption (or a good start).

    • D T

      I do not want taxpayer funds to finance campaigns. Can you imagine how the same people that would benefit from it, the politicians, would set that up to benefit themselves. A friend who lives in London says they do it differently there. First there can be no campaigning for any off before 90 days prior to the election. Second they set a limit on the total a candidate can spend for the election. I believe he told me that for the top post it was $25MM, period. Any other exposure they wanted would have to be done by appearing before the media and public and be exposed to answering the questions the voters had for them. Not like here where they hide behind ads and controlled public appearances.

  • D T

    D T says:
    September 30, 2013 at 5:59 PM

    This shut down is the fault of both parties. The shut down is over increasing the spending limit for the government. Simple solution is to CUT SPENDING. Why do they continue to increase spending every year even though they know we can’t pay for the spending done now. Does deficit not mean anything to them. Do living on borrowed funds not mean anything to them. There is so much wasteful spending going on this government it is sickening.

    Look at this news report from Indiana.

    The IRS is knowingly giving illegals billions of dollars a year on illegal tax filings. They know it and refuse to do anything about it. While at the same time they ruin US citizens lives over nickles and dimes. This Indiana news report should be shared with all your readers.

  • GMA

    Those limits on campaign spending in Britain sound pretty good…adjusted, of course, for difference in size of our two countries.
    I think we need a serious discussion in this country about term limits coupled with an even more serious discussion about the Supreme Court decision that corporations are “individuals” so now they can pretty well buy politicians via donations. Still scratching my head over that one….

  • Ed

    Most of the citizens of America are thinking: “Maybe a shut-down is just what we need!”

    The government cannot vote any new spending programs and the President will be too embarrassed to author more deficit spending Presidential Orders.

    However, if the federal employees are not paid on a timely basis, this certainly needs to include the members of Congress, the President, and all the thousands of staff members.

    Let them all feel the pain of employees and business owners who are confronted with a payroll that is out of control!

    • Peter Scannell


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